VIZOLINK 8MP Document Camera & Webcam with Noise-Canceling Microphone, A3-Size Capture, Auto Focus, 3-Levels Adjustable Brightness, for Live Demo, Home Office, Remote Teaching

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  • 【Ultra 4K Autofocus Document Cameras】D10 Document cameras features a two cameras to work for files capturing or objects shooting and streaming needs, easy task switching and no repeated adjustment. For Camera 1, it can fastly capture your files to the computer, up to 8 million megapixels. With a 30cm starting point, the autofocus feature is able to ensure the image are always sharp and crystal clear. (Files' size is up to A3)
  • 【FHD 1080P Computer Webcams】For Camera 2, as a webcam, it can bring you Full HD 1080p video, and using 30 fps fluency transmission, the picture clear and high color reduction, give you a real and natural image feel. Through this 1080p computer camera, you will easy to communicate with others, online school, and live streaming, etc.
  • 【Built-in Noise-Canceling Microphone】Webcam with microphone for desktop fulfill your request of 5 meters voice reception, the voice is clear, provide a real-time communication feel. Using Smart noise reduction, Echo cancellation technique, make sure you will not miss any words, voice, and video synchronous, no disturb for your remote communication.
  • 【Three-Level Adjustable Fill Light】This usb document camera has 3-level adjustable fill light, touch control. You can achieve your ideal brightness level by touching the light switch. Even in a lower light, this USB camera still clearly capture the files or objects. Brighter than many other webcams with built-in lights, the light has a soft tone so that it doesn't create a glare.
  • 【USB Webcam, Plug and Play】 Works with USB 2.0, no additional drivers required. Ready to use in one minute or less with any compatible device. And we provide a USB-c/ Type-c converter in the package, highly compatible with many types of device. Great for Tiktok, Google Meet, Skyp-Microsoft Teams, Zoom. Compatible with Windows PCS, Macs, and Chromebooks.

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Reviewed on September 21, 2022
The media could not be loaded. I like really what this device offers for less than $100. A 4k document camera, a 1080p streaming camera that’s much better than my laptop’s along with a built-in microphone in that streaming cam. That built-in microphone is not so great, it works well if you get so close to that camera, but otherwise, it doesn’t pick up the voice well if you’re a little further away. Nevertheless, I’m glad a usable microphone is included. The picture quality coming out of that 4k doc cam is superb! I was surprised by how sharp and detailed the text showed on the screen, it was comparable enough to the video I’m getting with my Samsung S22 Ultra as shown in the video. The focus was quick as well. Wherever I feel that the camera is not sharp enough or not completely focused on the text, I touch that focus button on the arm of the device and it focuses immediately. I found this very helpful and easy to use. There’s another touch button for the flash as well, I didn’t find myself using this much since I’m usually in a well-lit environment. It’s very convenient to have this built-in though just in case you need it. The streaming camera has a lower resolution than the doc cam, this is understandable since that camera isn’t capturing text, and we want that file size to be small (hence easily stream-able) I found this camera to focus very quickly on the face as well, and it’s absolutely much better than the built-in camera in my Dell XPS 9710 and even a few cheap webcams I own. The downside to this device is that I didn’t feel that the arm is robust enough. It felt a little flimsy. It does look metallic and premium but it’s plastic and feels a little cheap. Likely you won’t need to move that arm much anyway. The scream camera won’t stay in the most upright position as well, it always leans down just a bit. I didn’t find this to be a big issue. The built-in microphone could’ve been better. It really doesn’t work that well if you’re not very close to the device. I will be using another external microphone myself with this doc cam. You can watch my video to hear a recorded sample and see what I mean. Overall, for this price, I think this is still a very good doc cam & streaming cam combination. I definitely believe that the advantages overweight the disadvantages.
Reviewed on September 16, 2022
The Vizilink Document Camera and Webcam is a pretty convenient little device. It is 2 cameras in one device. It did not come with any software but should work with any program you currently use. I used the camera app built into Windows 10 and both cameras were recognized and worked as expected. However in the document mode of the camera app, it did not seem to make really clear photos but when I used the regular photo mode it worked great. The document camera is a 4K camera and the webcam camera is a 1080p camera. Both cameras worked well. The document camera is a little difficult for me to get the document lined up perfectly but it works great for quick product photos. One thing I noticed is there is a level on the arm and when you use the document camera; get the arm as level as possible before you take the picture for best results. The webcam is easy to position for streaming or zoom calls when I don’t want to reposition my other 4K camera. This is a nice multipurpose camera.
Reviewed on August 29, 2022
I use this as a document camera while teaching. It’s much smaller than the machines that the school provides. I had some difficulty setting it up because the quick start guide is not helpful. If you’re tech savvy then you’ll probably be fine. It’s slightly fragile. The base should be heavier as it will lean and fall over if it is in certain positions. Then again if it were heavier it would be harder to move around. I guess we have to pick our battles. I like the options for the light settings and I like the compact size. It works for my purposes. The camera provides enough quality to project a textbook with clear visibility. I’m happy with it so far.
Reviewed on September 04, 2022
This is essentially a pretty nice webcam on an adjustable stand -- that also has a secondary camera and light built in for use as a document scanner. The webcam itself works well and can be tilted and rotated (though I wish it could rotate just a bit more than 180 degrees) to aim at the person using it. The document camera is separate and mounted in the arm itself and made to work with the built-in light. The arm has a built in level so that you can align the document camera properly and the image it provided was quite sharp. Because of the tri-fold design of the arm, you can also adjust the height of the document camera, to better accommodate different size documents. Both cameras were recognized immediately by the Windows camera app and I was able to toggle between them using the switch camera ("selfie") button. Although other opinions may differ, I found the base to be plenty heavy to hold the camera quite steady during operation. While you may need to hold it down if you are adjusting the tilt, once you have it in position, you typically are only going to be adjusting the webcam or swapping documents, neither of which disturb the base. From the perspective of a Zoom or Skype meeting where you have handwritten notes or drawings you need to share, this would be absolutely perfect, as you can easily toggle back and forth from the documents to the webcam view. It would also be great for holding a live meeting using a projector or wall mounted monitor, as it would essentially become a stand-in for the old style overhead projector I'm sure many of us grey hairs still remember (and you don't need to use transparencies with it!). For document scanning, an actual scanner would likely be a better choice, but for scanning books or pictures that either won't physically fit in a scanner or that might get damaged, this would also work wonderfully. That said, I find it a bit humorous that we now have to use a computer, projector, and document camera to recreate something that originally only needed two lenses, a light bulb, and the nearest wall to accomplish essentially the same task....though not with as much versatility! Personally though, I think this product is a great idea and is well implemented. I already foresee myself using it to share sketches and notes the next time I have an online meeting.