Video Conference Camera - EMEET Meeting Capsule w/ 1080P 360 Webcam 8 Mics and Hi-Fi Speaker, AI Voice/Face/Figure Capturing Conference Room Camera w/ 5 Video Modes, Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation

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  • [360°View 1080P Camera & Auto Capturing Speakers]-The conference room camera’s 360 webcam allows viewers to see the entire room.The AI tracking tech frames main speakers via voice/face/feature capturing algorithm. All attendees’ panorama and main speakers’ split images are displayed simultaneously. Dissatisfied with a common wide-angle camera only observing from a single fixed angle? Choose it for better engagement, both your clients and staff will feel more a part of a video conference.
  • [8 AI Mics Array & 360°Voice Pick Up]-The conference room webcam features EMEET's exclusive VoiceIA tech which enables the 8 mics to achieve noise reduction, echo cancellation, human voice strengthening and full duplex. Meanwhile, voice can be clearly delivered within a sphere of an 18ft radius. All attendees can be clearly heard even from the far ends of tables with the webcam for conference room. The video conference camera really provides a smooth and clear auditory carnival for zoom room.
  • [5 Video Modes]-The conference room camera system has 5 video modes. 360° collaboration mode shows panoramic picture for all attendees and 1-3 split screens for main speakers. 360° speech mode displays panorama to hold all participants and 1 split slide for only 1 speaker. 180° classic mode shows wide-angle image for small to medium meetings. 60°-95° spotlight mode brings stabler and clearer image. 0° privacy mode cuts off your voice and image but continually transmits the voice from other side.
  • [3-in-1 Professional Conference Webcam]-The conference room camera system is composed of a 360 webcam, 8 mics and a 10W speaker. Every speaker can be captured via the 1080P HD webcam with 360° AI tracking and face-center capturing algorithm. Every voice can be heard via the 8 Omni-directional microphones. Every idea can be delivered via the 10W Hi-Fi speaker. The 360 conference camera is a perfect one-stop solution for zoom room and video conference.
  • [Powerful but Portable 360 Conference Camera]-The conference room webcam with remote control can also be controlled by an online eMeetLink. There isn’t a watermark logo on the screen. Plugging means playing. Daisy Chain can connect the video conference system with another EMEET Meeting Capsule or EMEET OfficeCore M3 to enlarge the meeting scale. Although the webcam with speaker and microphone is powerful, it is portable enough to be taken to any meeting room inside or outside of your company.

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Reviewed on May 11, 2022
I got this for use with my home owners board and a few social groups. California law allows remote attendance at meeting if everyone can speak and be heard. The Capsule make this happen easily. The Capsule will allow increased participation in meetings. The Capsule lets us continue with the best of the remote meetings we endured the last two years. It has built in privacy modes that allow use without camera and mic, or just no camera with the mic on. Camera is clear in room lighting. Comes with tilt, zoom and screen adjustments get best video images. Its well-built, heavy enough for stability, light enough for transport. AC and USB cables sturdy and long. Too bad the shipping box didn’t come with handles. Maybe they’ll market a carrying case. The Capsule functions as a webcam. So any participant can use it. Nice to be able to assign it to a deputy. Using the Remote allows Host to set up 2nd computer for full room view. The Status lights on the front are informative and point to primary video direction. Speaker is loud and clear enough for a 20x60 foot room Mics tested well at 8 feet. Remote allows full control of Capsule. Video modes, volume and all. Great having ability to mute mic or turn off mic and camera. Controls on the Capsule body are useful when its nearby but the remote provides more freedom. Video modes. Camera follows voices to highlight speakers in Collaboration and Speech modes. Zoom works well in Classic view. Spotlight view is a nice homage to old style cameras. Looking forward to learning all of Capsule’s abilities. I suspect hidden powers in the multiple video modes. The differences in collaborative and speech mode are subtle. Very fast to adjust to change of speakers. I use it with an MacBookPro. Requires pc or laptop. Zoom easily recognized Capsule as media device option. I mainly use Zoom thus t-shirt of the day. I am not employed by or speak for Zoom. Looking forward to trying the Capsule with other conferencing apps. Pictures show a collaborative view with two other people speaking, one person below table and room. Room pic shows board table with Capsule in the middle of directors table and audience area that will hear the Capsule.
Reviewed on May 20, 2022
I do a lot of conference calls, about 70% of the time. So I need a very good device. I decided to give this a try. I used eMeet webcams before and was pleased with it. It has been several days I have been using this new device heavily. Here's my review: Physical - It's cylinder shaped device, similar to tall Alexa devices. The height is about the same as smartwater bottle but slightly wider. The camera is on top. It is motorized, so depending on the button you press on the side, the camera will rotate. Overall quality is good, feels solid on hand and looks very nice. It is standard grayish, so it blends in nicely. On the back, there's the USB-C connector and power. In front there are light indicators. When muted, they turn red. The camera can be front facing, or 360 degree view. Speaker / Mic - Since this is a conference device, these are obviously important. First, it is a conference device after all. It is not a replacement speaker. Therefore the volume is good enough for conference purposes and light music listening. It won't shake your room! The mics are sensitive and pretty good. Other participants could hear me loud and clear. Camera - The camera is also fluid, no stuttering. After playing with few modes of operations, I'm sticking to front view so others can see me clearly. You can also use the 360 degree view but I was not a big fan of that. Then again it's good to have options to try. Make sure to use the button on the side to adjust camera rather than forcing it. You might damage the motor. Final thoughts - I used very good webcams in the past but struggled with microphone. So I had to get another good quality microphone separately. So this new A-I-O device is a nice replacement that removes clutter. So far so good, very happy. I'd highly recommend if you're shopping for a great quality conference device. Remember to use eMeet software and upgrade the firmware.
Reviewed on September 19, 2022
A little expensive but best one I’ve seen. Wide angle lens lets you see more people in the room. Zoom is going to be a part of our office life from now on. Sharp picture and good sound. I would buy it again.
Reviewed on May 17, 2022
I am currently evaluating conference room audio/video devices to accomodate hybrid meetings and I just ran across this newly released Emeet "Meeting Capsule". Being a customer of many Emeet products including conference phones and desktop cameras, I was very happy to see an entry into this market segment. It does not disappoint! It's a tracking-by-audio camera with shape recognition to zoom in on active speaker. The camera is selectable 60, 180, 360 degree panoramic fish-eye view. For conference table work, this is a superior solution, as the camera head does not distractingly move. The tradeoff with the fish-eye picture is not an issue. Where this device really shines is the audio. It is loud and clear - perfect for a mid-sized classroom. Mic gain is good to about 15 feet and falls off to fair by 20 feet. The camera does track while walking at the front of a classroom, and also has the panoramic view. This has both a hand-held remote and PC/Mac control program, so no trying to juggle OSD controls. The on-device buttons are for AV mute and scene choice as well. This is a well-designed and engineered package, typical of Emeet. LEDs give device status, the camera physically flips to indicate scene choice, works flawlessly with multiple video conference programs and other camera/audio programs. They even include a USB-C to USB adapter for newer laptops. My only recommendation so far is that the power block is large, and may need a power strip to plug into a tabletop AV box outlet, the same as many laptops. I'm including pictures of the device on a classroom podium, and also two pictures of large scale projectors, roughly 2m x 3m.