Sony Sensor Webcam with Microphone and Autofocus, 2K/1080P HD Webcam with Wide Angle, Webcam Cover, Streaming Webcam with Light, Plug and Play Computer Camera, Web Camera for Zoom, Skype

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Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions2.4 x 6.5 x 3.7 inches
Item Weight8.8 ounces
Item model numberKU-04
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Connectivity technologiesUSB
Other display featuresHome Theater
Date First AvailableSeptember 14, 2021
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Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 06, 2022
There are similar webcams from more well known manufacturers for about 50% more money, so I went with this one instead thinking it was pretty much the same, which I'm not sure if it really is. I'd rate it more "OK" rather than a great product. A thing I don't love is that it seems to be refocusing with the slightest movement. I move my head slightly or move my hands slightly and the camera tries changing the focus with the image nudging in and out of size and focus. IDK, if there is firmware in the camera that controls the auto focus, but it feels too hyperactive. I have two different cameras built into laptops (one Mac and one PC laptop) and neither has the problem of excessive image nudging from the auto focus. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to change the refocusing and it happens even in good light. However, aside from the refocusing, the camera is good. The image quality when it stays focused is very clear. It works in reasonably low light and the ability to close the lens so it's not exposed when not in use is a nice design. The design of the camera looks higher quality than some webcams that are very plastic looking. I didn't have any problem getting it to attach to the top of a monitor and the included mini tripod and USB C adapter are nice to have. IMO, the built in light is mostly useless unless you're in an extremely dark room with no other lights on. It doesn't really function as an adequate fill light to reduce shadows until you put your face about 6 inches to a foot away from the lens. I just turn it off so it doesn't glare in my eyes since it doesn't add a lot, but it's fine to turn off. The USB cable is built into the camera rather than having a connector and separate cable. This means that if the cable goes bad then your webcam is toast. It also means that you'll need an extension cable if you need a longer cable than the approx 3 to 4 foot one attached. Overall the product is ok and works, but there are enough minor issues that it doesn't feel like the top premium design. It feels on the level of an ok product for a lower price. Not a bad product and fine if you know the strengths and weaknesses and find them acceptable. The webcam is very wide angle, so people will see the full room you're in unless you use a virtual background. This is something well documented in the product information, so not a surprise. It's better for a group of people than for using the camera with a single person for a typical work video call from home. If you're doing a family or group video call with a bunch of people in one room then wide angle makes more sense. Whether you like this feature depends on your use. It's certainly not a problem, just a preference. I can't say I'm disappointed since the price was less than some similar-looking products from better-known brands. I feel like I got a pretty good product for a pretty good price. Some more expensive products seem to do better, especially without the frequent auto focusing, but I feel I got about the product quality I paid for, so I'm not sad about the purchase, yet might consider something else if I were looking for a product again. It's a pretty good quality product for the price if the quirks are not bothersome to you. Update: The seller contacted me and offered me a gift card to remove my review, which I'm pretty sure is against Amazon's terms of service and which I declined. I'm sympathetic that it's hard to build up sales and reputation on Amazon with so many people competing as sellers. However, I believe removing honest (and not even excessively negative) feedback ruins the whole point of having any reviews at all if they can't contain useful information. It means no one can make good purchasing decisions for their own needs when only 100% positive reviews remain or only fully positive reviews are expected (and this review inflation now happens on many platforms, not just Amazon). The product isn't a bad product and produces very clear video, but with some minor problems (mostly the frequent refocusing). I found it to be quality which was acceptable for the price I paid, so I'm not returning the product and I'd think some people might not have any issues with some of the things I noted. I believe people should be allowed to read a variety of different reviews and opinions and make up their own minds about whether something meets their needs.
Reviewed on December 05, 2021
I am a Linux user. Though the description does not say it supports Linux since it is plug and play and needs no special drivers then it works with the generic UVC drivers included with Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. so I tried this camera. The camera works. Let me start with what I liked: 1. Well packaged, in fact beautiful packaging with a helpful foldout with instructions for setup and troubleshooting. 2. Default color/saturation/sharpness settings were on point. No need for me to make adjustments. 3. Image clarity was on par with my other 2k camera. 4. Included light for certain low lighting situations. 5. Auto focus works well. 6. Package includes USB-A to USB-C adapter. 7. If adjustments were made to the saturation, sharpeness, etc., these settings were stored on the camera and were held when switching the device to a different computer so there was no need to keep making the same adjustments between power offs. What I did not like: 1. The brightness of the camera light. It is fine if you are not going to look at the camera, however, I like to give "eye to eye" contact so to speak. It is blinding if that is how you prefer to speak on camera. 2. The microphone. Though, it doesn't sound hollow like other web cam microphones which is a plus, it was too low and had to be boosted to 150% to be heard properly. My wife has a soft voice and it still wasn't enough of a boost for her. Boosting the microphone, created extra high-pitched noise in the backgound when recording audio on Audacity but not when using Zoom because it has it's own noise suppression technology. 3. UVC errors. On Linux, the driver expects UVC standards to be followed by the hardware. I have tested several cameras over this past year and not all adhere to the standard; this causes errors. There are work arounds for a number of these errors that cause the UVC driver to ignore the error and do things "differently" or in a non standard way. Since I use multiple cameras, I don't want to go through the process of setting up for a camera that has a bug in it's firmware or simply wasn't programmed with the proper standard only to have to undo the "quirk" as it's called in Linux to run my other cameras that have the standard properly implemented. I don't keep cameras that don't follow the standard. Reason One: These quirks create other issues sometimes. This camera doesn't have the audio part implemented correctly which may well be the reason for the microphone volume issue mentioned above. Though, I could work around this by using a different microphone, we come to Reason Two: I used this webcam on 4 different Linux systems all with the same error, however, on one system in particular I was doing something special with this camera and because of the camera's deficiency, it triggered the UVC control udev debugger to spam a log file with error codes (all the same) until it had used up all the space on system partition. This can render a system unbootable in certain scenarios. I fixed it and used one of the work arounds in case it were to happen again but for this reason alone, I would not recommend this camera to Linux users until the firmware bug is fixed in it. Other thoughts: 1. The camera video worked well when the light source was behind the camera (One set up I have) but failed when there was lighting behind myself (Another set up I have). My other 2k camera handles the second setup properly, which is also a Casecube camera. The Zoom software's low light adjustment was used to compensate for this camera's lack of lighting ability and it looked fine afterwards. 2. I've tested other cameras that had the same audio quirk error code as this one and looking at the reviews, those who use Windows tend to not experience any issues. I've heard that the Window's driver is a little more forgiving when the webcams are not properly implementing the UVC standard. This should mean this camera should work fine for those using Windows. 3. Let me reiterate, the description does not guarantee it works with Linux but it should. My 2 star review is based on my Linux experience. When the UVC standard is properly implemented, I have had no issues with any webcam I have used in the past and I have used several. 4. Using the work around I selected for the UVC debugger, I could continue to use this camera without concern for my drive being filled with error log entries, but I probably won't.
Reviewed on March 20, 2022
I bought this webcam when my cheap $15 usb webcam broke. I am pleasantly satisfied with the quality I received for the amount I paid. I really was unsure as it is not “name brand” and was $30 cheaper than the top rated streaming webcam at the time. (3-2022) The privacy feature is great! I have pushed the cam/light in and out of the housing over 100 times so far and it is still operating like new. Having a light on the webcam was a BIG sell for as the quality of the light is FANTASTIC! It provided plenty of light when I was within 3 feet of the webcam in a sitting position. Though tbh the light was not of concern when I bought it as I was under the impression the tiny light wouldn't matter. All in all it was a great purchase. 4 stars instead of 5 as I thought the plug/cord would have been a bit longer.
Reviewed on April 12, 2022
This cam has a quick to focus sony camera system. The exterior has an expensive look with the matte silver on both sides of the lens. Three pin hole leds let me know the operation of the camera. The width of the camera with the horizontal rectangle light is within reach of my thumb and pointer finger to quickly pull in to activate the privacy shutter. A tactile button is located on the top of the light that I can feel when pressing to power On or Off the spotlight. The light only has level of brightness and color temp which is bright white. I have mounted the camera between two of my monitors and use OBS to take away much of the wide angle when working. But when recording interviews in the office studio, that is where this camera excels and provides the appropriate view for my videos.