NexiGo N980P 1080P 60FPS Webcam with Microphone and Software Control, USB Computer Camera, Built-in Dual Noise Reduction Mics, 120° Wide-Angle for Zoom/Skype/FaceTime/Teams, PC Mac Laptop Desktop

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  • 【60FPS Smooth Streaming】Chat in full 1080p FHD at up to 60 frames per second with a smooth, fluid video that keeps up with your every move. Record stunning videos on the move or even in harsh lighting conditions.
  • 【1080P High-Definition Video】 CMOS with 2 MP image sensor provides stunning 1080p video with built-in dual Omni-directional microphones for impressive sound fidelity. Designed with apps like Skype, Zoom, and YouTube in mind.
  • 【Intelligent Adjustments】 The NexiGo N980P automatically adjusts colors so the images you see are true to life and accurate. Our auto-bright technology and a precision 120° F2.1 lens provide sharp video even in dim lighting conditions.
  • 【USB Plug & Play】Uses standard UVC video drivers so they can be used on any major operating system. Designed to be plug and play, no additional software or drivers are needed. Just plug in the webcam and get right to business. Use Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or any other major video-conferencing application.
  • 【Widely Compatible】The NexiGo N980P is compatible with all major Operating Systems. The webcam is compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10/11, Mac OS 10.6 or higher, Linux 2.6.24 or higher, Chrome OS 29.0.1547 or higher, and Ubuntu Version 10.04 or above.

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Standing screen display size2.7 Inches
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 25, 2022
I've owned this webcam for over a year now and it is still my main camera for my personal PC. Its field of view is actually really good for its size, its picture quality is good enough, its manual focus works surprisingly well, but the built in microphone is lackluster. For a 1080p camera however, the price to me seems a bit steep. For normal things like video calls or taking decent quality pictures or video, its fine. If you are attempting to portray yourself in a professional manner or setting, consider options with a higher resolution. The field of view on this webcam has really kind of surprised me. It sits on my secondary computer monitor close to the corner of my room and it can very easily see the entire room behind me. In every case if I need to have my webcam on for whatever reason and I'm anywhere in my room, it can see me. Kinda nuts for this type of webcam. It is entirely built out of plastic so I cant see it surviving much abuse so you might have to be careful handling it and ensure you have placed it in a secure location where it won't fall and get damaged. The manual focus feature on this webcam works really well from what I have seen. Since I use it as just a normal desktop webcam, I have never had to refocus it after the first use. The built in microphone, well, its a built in webcam microphone. Kind of sounds like your talking through a tin can. If you require a professional setup, do not rely on the built in microphone of this webcam. Overall I would rate this webcam a solid 7/10 with the only downsides being the microphone, build quality, and price.
Reviewed on August 14, 2022
I bought this camera for the fact that is does 1080p at 60 fps, and for this it does quite well. The value for the price is not bad. Image quality is excellent and it definitely lives up to its claims for frame rate. My only complaint is that it does have an extremely wide angle, something like 110 degrees. It also has no sort of zoom that I could find, either physical or through software. This leaves you stuck with a very wide angle shot with no ability to tighten it up. If you want similar features with the same quality but better control there are other options, but you will pay a good bit more. As a cost effective choice, this is not a bad camera, it just lacks some features.
Reviewed on January 10, 2021
Here's a webcam for work-from-home (WFH) users which does more than what it costs! This is second webcam I bought after trying out a less expensive $30 Unzano 1080p 30fps unit. Mind you the Unzano did the job and I would give it 5 stars too. However, I landed this 1080p 60fps NexiGo webcam since I was on a lookout for 60fps unit under the $100 price range. I bought this last 9/25/2020 for $69 and it has since dropped to $53 as of this writing. For starters, the quality on this camera is superb as long as you provide enough light. For web conferencing you probably want to light yourself up instead of looking like a vampire. After a lot of YouTube viewing of lighting techniques, I settled for two-point lighting with this camera - a filtered lamp behind and just a tad above and behind the camera and another soft light from lamp to my front left in same plane as first light source. I'm no stickler nor an expert with color profiles since I do not provide web content. So if ever there are any color issues, I have not observed any. My most important requirement is really clarity and response time which this unit excels in. For game streamers, I would think this is still a decent camera. I do not use OBS but I tried it out anyway and OBS recognizes the 60fps setting on this webcam. It plays well with other web conferencing software like Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams, Skype. I also tried it with Viber and Messenger with no issues. Installation was straightforward in Windows 10 and it is recognized as a standard USB device. No software needed to be installed as it is compatible with webcam Windows-provided driver. Note that this is not autofocus webcam. I only took one star away from rating because I think it was asking me to rate something that manufacturer already declared as not being able to do. You will need to manually turn the outer lens ring to focus on your most probable head position and webcam distance. Once that's set, you probably do not normally need to fiddle with it. I included an image with this review taken from the built-in webcam photo option with the webcam located 2 feet from my face and with 2-point lighting I described above. At 2 feet distance (or even nearer) built-in dual mics from Webcam do not pick up sound that well. This is not a big deal for me because I already decided to forego with this and use a lapel mic for my web conferences. I included image for my physically-configured webcam. Webcam is supported from an articulating boom arm and drops the camera just below the top of my monitor. This allows me to still see some of my desktop windows while I am in conference mode. The webcam by itself has the standard up-down-left-right flexibility so you can really fine-tune the position especially if you mount it to boom arm or any desktop stand and couple it to other tripod attachments you have. Since webcam does not have a lens cover, I scavenged some Lego parts and made myself a folding lens cover which I mounted on top of camera using some 3M adhesive tape. I also cobbled together a holder for my cardioid lapel mic which I clip just below the webcam so it does not appear in field-of-view. This configuration with webcam around 1 to 1.5 ft. from my face and with mic level set at around 85% gives me the optimum conferencing settings for both video and audio. I am currently happy with this webcam especially since it does not break the bank as other standard brand webcams like Logitech, Razer or Microsoft. I would highly recommend this webcam for WFH users who are in the market for reasonably-priced webcam that does the job.
Reviewed on September 12, 2022
It does exactly like it says. The zoom could be a bit easier to deal with, but the manual focus is very helpful as is the auto-zoom. Definitely download the app to make adjustments though. The color quality in certain light can be a little off if you don't make the proper adjustments.
Reviewed on September 14, 2022
This would be a 5-star review, but I have one complaint: The cord is stiff Like, it will move-the-camera-around-stiff Otherwise awesome, 5-stars!
Reviewed on August 28, 2022
NexiGo N980P 1080P 60FPS Webcam - Awesome on Ubuntu Mate 21.04 LTS w/ Online Chat. Using for Google Meet and Zoom video chat as well as audio. Works great with various Linux opensource webcam capture applications.
Reviewed on April 25, 2022
Update 2: I just tested my second NexiGo camera. I took off a star since the plug play quality doesn't match my previous camera. Its image was darker, similar to the other cameras I tested. With NexiGo's software, I was able to get the image close to my original NexiGo camera, but it's not perfect. Also, I am concerned about what will happen if I plug my other NexiGo camera back into this computer. Will it pick up the original settings or the new settings? I'll have to think about this before taking that risk since the other one's settings are perfect. Update: I tested a third camera with the same specs. This one is the brightest, and clearest, plus captures the widest field of view. I bought this camera last year. It works fantastic capturing clear, clean, crisp pictures. Even if the room is dark, or there is light behind the subject, the camera renders a bright image. I just tested out a backup camera I picked up from another brand. It was on sale, and I hoped to save a few bucks. After testing the new camera, I plan to return it and order another one of these.