NexiGo N680 1080P Business Webcam with Microphone, Software and Privacy Cover, AutoFocus, Streaming USB Web Camera, for Online Class, Zoom Meeting Skype Facetime Teams, PC Mac Laptop Desktop

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  • 【1080P FHD Webcam】The NexiGo N680 webcam has a 1080P FHD resolution with a 30 fps refresh rate. It has built-in tools to automatically adjust color and brightness so you look your best, even in poor lighting.
  • 【Easy Setup】The NexiGo N680 is easy to set up right out of the box, without additional drivers or software. Simply plug it into a USB port on your desktop or laptop.
  • 【Advanced Autofocus and 90° FOV】The NexiGo N680 has quick autofocus and a 90° field of view (FOV) so your audience sees more of you - great for telecommuting or multi-person chats. The adjustable mounting clip lets you rotate and tilt the camera, so you can film from any angle.
  • 【Dual Stereo Microphones】Built-in dual stereo microphones with noise-canceling technology capture audio accurately while filtering out unwanted or unnecessary background noise. So nothing distracts your audience from what you are trying to capture.
  • 【Built-in Privacy Cover】The NexiGo N680 comes with a built-in privacy cover. This cover protects the camera lens from dirt or debris and prevents criminals from utilizing your webcam while you are not using it. You can use the N680 in applications such as Skype, Zoom, or most other popular conferencing or recording applications. Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10/11, Mac OS 10.6 and higher, Linux 2.6.24 and higher, Chrome OS 29.0.1547 and above, Ubuntu Version 10.04 and higher.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Brand NameNexiGo
Item Weight6.5 ounces
Product Dimensions3.81 x 1.81 x 3.54 inches
Country of OriginUSA
Item model numberN680 no Tripod
Color NameBlack
Special FeaturesValues:
  1. Built-in Privacy Cover

  2. AutoFocus

  3. 1

  4. 4" Tripd Support

  5. Software Support

  6. Low-Light Correction
Date First AvailableAugust 13, 2020
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on December 23, 2020
Now that everyone's doing video calls, we all need a camera. The sellers know this and if you're like me you were flooded with too many options when searching for one. There are the known names that want two hundred dollars for a unit, and those cheap Chinese ones that go for less than twenty. And the reviews are all over the map for every one! Thanks for nothing fellow consumers, LOL. Anyway, here's my story, maybe it'll help some of you. After reading all the reviews and getting no help even from professional review sites, I took a shot on this one. Build Quality It's fine. I wasn't expecting professional caliber at this price point but it's pretty good. The housing is plastic, but the lens window is clear, the privacy shield slides smoothly, and the cables all worked the first time I plugged them in. The gravity mount is nothing special but if you're not punching your monitor or subjecting it to sudden movements I think it'll be fine. One of the things I like is that the privacy shield is integrated into the camera as a native design feature, not an afterthought. I'm sure those third-party shields that stick on the camera work fine but this design is much cleaner. Picture Quality This is also pretty good. The key criticisms that keep coming up on the cheap web cams (and even some of the expensive ones) are poor exposure, fisheye effect, grainy image, poor autofocus, and color. I was very pleased to find that the Nexigo performed competently in dealing with all of those conditions. Now, it isn't some premium high megapixel camera but it's not horribly weak in any of those areas. At lower resolutions you do get some graininess, and perhaps the worst part of the image quality is that the color does seem a bit washed out but even then it's not so bad that you couldn't be recognizable in video calls. At the highest resolution (1080) the picture is clear and you can clearly see details in the background. I did not have exposure issues although I did not really experiment much with filming under really bright light. I did not see a fisheye effect at any of the resolutions and the autofocus seemed to keep focus well on me, and adjusts pretty quickly if I moved. So far performance of the video streaming has been good. People aren't complaining in meetings that I'm stuttering or pixelating. Audio Quality The integrated microphone works fine. Again, it's not a professional mic and since for video calls you're using it effectively like a speakerphone mic, well, it'll probably sound like a speakerphone mic. But I was able to conduct business with no one complaining about my audio. In fact, the mic is good enough to pick up background noise, which may actually be a bad thing. I cannot make any statement about the supposed stereo capability of the mic(s). The camera housing definitely looks like it has a left and right side hole for this, but I am unlikely to need such a feature. If you're doing a podcast with two people talking, one on each side of the camera, maybe it'll be useful to you. I like the unit's red "camera on" indicator light and wish they'd have also had a light to indicate when the mic was live. Other Thoughts The privacy shield seems a good idea to me. I have no idea if hackers can get to it, or if they can still access the mic, but anyway it is what it is. One other concern is that the camera can achieve a pretty wide angle so if you don't have a backdrop or software to create a virtual one, people will be able to see a lot of your surroundings. The camera overall is good; it has no critical weaknesses and is more than good enough for my needs.
Reviewed on September 15, 2022
the product is good
Reviewed on August 18, 2022
I had bought really cheap cameras before that crapped out on me. This one has done really well as I Zoom for meetings and have had no issues with it. A little more than the other cameras but it is worth spending a little extra for the quality
Reviewed on August 28, 2022
I like how easy it was to attach to my pc monitor.
Reviewed on August 01, 2022
Works beautifully. Picture with auto focus is very good. Mic sound is clear and has sufficient volume. Only problem I had was the attaching clip needs a more vertical surface to grip. The back of my monitor is slanted and the grip is OK but not as secure as I would like.
Reviewed on May 31, 2022
This is an amazing product. I desperately needed a well functioning webcam for work and was very hesitant on purchasing one. Was looking for good quality for something within the budget I set for myself. It works great! Quality is fantastic, the autofocus helps a lot when moving around the room or even just the screen. That microphone is a little fuzzy (sometimes) but restarting the software almost always fixes it. 9.5/10
Reviewed on April 20, 2022
4/28/22 The company reached out and offered to send me a new webcam, which arrived in 2 days. Ive tried it out a few times already, and so far the new camera has worked very well. I appreciated the company reaching out to turn this experience around. ‐---------‐----------------- Very impressed when I first received the camera, and it worked well for exactly one year - purchased in April 2021, after fighting with a fuzzy work-issued laptop webcam. This month the camera started freezing during meetings /presentations and turning off without being touched, which is beyond EMBARRASSING. Now I am faced with having to spend more money on a new camera.
Reviewed on April 07, 2022
The only reason I'm giving this camera 4 stars is that I wish there was a more secure way I could attach it to my monitor. It might be my novice installation abilities, though. In any case, if it's any consolation, I bought a second one for my wife also.