MOKOSE 12MP HDMI Camera 1080P USB HD Streaming Teaching Webcam, Recording 4K@30FPS Industry C/CS-Mount Camera with 6-12mm No Distortion Manual Zoom Lens

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  • HD Video Quality - Can record 4K/30fps video ( HDMI Mode ),Build-in with 1/2.3" 12MP raw image Sony IMX377 Exmor R CMOS image sensor. The latest firmware can be upgraded through TF card, The new firmware makes the product work more stable and get better images.
  • Support 3840*2160P/30/25/fps HDMI output,Support 1080P60/50/30/25fps, 1080i60/50fps, 720P60fps HDMI output,Resolution and frame rate can be switched, Connect to a HDMI monitor capture video show on screen for teaching, or Connect to a HDMI video capture card for small activity Live Streaming.
  • Solid aluminum shell material ,With 3 Meters USB cable. Double 1/4 Inch Screw Thread placement easier for multi-angels placement needs for monitors, laptop, desktop, desk and even other flat surfaces.
  • Playback-Support photos and videos playback thru HDMI output to Monitor with Audio.
  • 6-12mm No Distortion Manual Lens ( interchangeable lens ),Field of View: 27.5°-48°,You can capture more Scene detail and clearer image,It is ideal camera for Live and webcast.

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Standing screen display size2.3 Inches
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 01, 2022
I use my camera to capture documents and or Computer screens in USB mode with OBS. The lens is NOT distorted in comparison to the other Mokose cameras. 4K USB webcam (good for open viewing, detail is blah), or the ELM 4K USB, That one had a bad lens distortion on the right side. Back to this camera, clearly better detail, Crisp once the focus is set. You can change the lens, so that's a plus. Works great with OBS on a PC windows platform. You could use this as an HQ security camera or Web camera with a fixed focus.
Reviewed on June 17, 2022
I have two that have worked flawlessly, EVEN though my use is outdoors, mounted on the boom of my crane, so subject to vibration etc. driving down the road. If it's starts raining I take it off off course, but a few times it has been subjected to list mist with no issues. My third (I am building up crane camera systems for other crane operators) worked for less than 5 minutes, then quit. I have contact mokose support so we will see, but I doubt they will be able to help so I will return it for another one and hopefully have better luck. Bottom line, they seem to be bulletproof, if they make it past the burn in stage.
Reviewed on March 20, 2021
I've owned top of the line web cams, but they've all had horrible quality in less than perfect lighting situations, and mediocre quality in ideal studio lighting. I have used $12,000 cinema cameras to stream on the web when the "webcams" from major brands were unacceptable in terms of picture quality. But I needed some overhead views and a 35lb cinema camera was too big to hang overhead. So I started looking around. There were some companies making HD cameras with HDMI output, but the cost was quite expensive. I'd also tried using a $1700 DSLR for a while, with great results, but it seems a waste of a camera to have it permanently rigged as a webcam. That's where this little Mokose unit came in handy. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the image quality is a massive upgrade from the big brand webcams that sell for nearly as much as this camera. Picture quality can reasonably cut with expensive cameras in certain limited circumstances. What it lacks is color gamut and dynamic range though. Compared to the better cameras I was using, I have to live with crushed shadows and blown highlights. In mixed lighting, the daylight lamps are too blue and the warm white lamps appear too orange, whereas the expensive cameras see the scene like the human eye where it looks natural. Given these limitations, plus the fact that the lens has considerable dispersion distortion, while being surprisingly rectilinear, I still think it does well for the price it sells for. And it is light enough to mount on an articulated arm over a bench or piano keyboard, so it is suitable for those applications. Lens focus on this camera is a manual setup. It is not parfocal (that's something that only exists on cinema lenses costing $4000 and up), so changes in zoom will through image out of focus. Set the zoom level first, then refocus. The lens "breaths" considerably, so the zoom factor may need to be touched up after focusing and then doing one final focus should have it set. This is best for static setups where you set it like a surveillance camera and forget it. Overall, it's a decent value for the money. Hopefully it proves reliable.
Reviewed on December 03, 2021
This review is for the "wide angle" model. The sensor is obviously good but the lens is crap - diameter is hardly bigger than a standard webcam. I wanted to toss the one it came with and use a Fujinon or Tamron F1.6 C-mount lens but - although other reviews mention changing the lens and even Mokose's site says this is a C-mount unit - the lens is FIXED ON with tiny T6 screws. Returning this, ordering one of the more expensive ones with an allegedly removable zoom lens so I can pay more for a lens I don't want but can at least remove, I guess. Pretty stupid design choice on Mokose's part. It has a digital zoom which, because it's a 12MP sensor, is really surprisingly acceptable, so that's a plus. Definitely makes it workable without an optical zoom lens for streaming. Describing it as a "low light" camera is stretching things. At least with this tiny lens, it's grainy without video lights under regular LED home lighting, but not unacceptably so (also, see below). It's OK in moderate daylight. After connecting it over HDMI, it's also clear (as one Youtube reviewer found, too) that the quality is dramatically better than USB. It does NOT retain exposure, ISO etc settings between modes - it runs in auto-everything over USB, and you cannot even see the menu. I suspect the H264 encoding chip is low-end because the video quality (again, as seen on YT) is definitely better than USB - lower noise and better color. Nor does the UVC control advertised work, at least on a Mac - I tried with both OBS and the CameraControl app. Will update if I or the author of that tool can fix the code to work with these cameras. So, you'll want to get an HDMI capture device to go with this. Overall, Sony's sensor is outstanding. Mokose have made some questionable design choices given the niche this seems to fit. Would be a clear five stars if they hadn't hobbled USB control and quality, and if the lenses were removable C-mounts on all the models. It is still, by any standards, insanely good value. One last thing: the combination of tiny lens, lighting to compensate, and high res sensor makes it unforgivingly detailed: every pore (literally! ew!) is visible when you zoom in. So budget for soft lighting, and/or foundation!
Reviewed on August 22, 2022
I loved how crisp the picture looks! Great camera👍👍👍
Reviewed on August 14, 2022
Loved that you can go straight to the HDMI on the TV without software
Reviewed on April 11, 2022
To get a great picture with this csmera you will need to be very patient with a high tolerance for details. You will spend more time getting the focus right than you will filming your subject. Then you have to start over on the next shot. Great price and build quality. However it isn't worth all the work you gotta put in to get the shot.