Insta360 Link - PTZ 4K Webcam with 1/2" Sensor, AI Tracking, Gesture Control, HDR, Noise-Canceling Microphones, Specialized Modes, Webcam for Laptop, Video Camera for Video Calls, Live Streaming

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  • 4K Resolution with 1/2" Sensor: Always look your best in stunning Ultra HD 4K resolution. With a best-in-class 1/2" sensor, Link captures life-like detail with an excellent dynamic range.
  • AI Tracking: With a gimbal design and a powerful AI tracking algorithm, Link's lens rotates to follow your every movement. With automatic zooming and framing, you'll always be center stage.
  • Gesture Control: Control the camera with 3 simple hand gestures. No clicks necessary. ✋ = Enable AI tracking | 👆 = Zoom in/out | ✌️ = Enable Whiteboard Mode.
  • Versatile Modes: With innovative AI technology and versatile modes such as Whiteboard Mode, DeskView Mode, Overhead Mode and Portrait Mode, Link helps you communicate better than ever. Fully compatible with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more.
  • Dual Noise-Canceling Microphones: Reduce background noise and amplify your voice. Delivers crisp, clear audio for enhanced communication.
  • Dedicated Desktop Software: Manually adjust brightness, exposure, gimbal position and more in the Link Controller desktop software. Full control to get your shot exactly right.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Brand NameInsta360
Item Weight0.634 ounces
Product Dimensions7 x 4.25 x 2.5 inches
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberValues:

  2. A
Special FeaturesValues:
  1. Dual noise-canceling microphones

  2. HDR

  3. Auto-focus

  4. AI Tracking
Date First AvailableAugust 4, 2022
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 01, 2022
The insta360 Link far surpasses all my logitech cams in functionality and image quality. I made my purchase after reading many reviews online and I can say it definitely lives up to the (sometimes sponsored) hype. I haven't compared it personally, but I watched enough video reviews to reach the consensus that it is far superior to the similarly functioning Osbot; although its also twice as expensive... FUNCTIONALITY: the Insta360 allows you to control its PTZ features, either in the app or using hand gestures; or automatically based on your movement. It tracks you really fast and the gimball makes it very smooth. You can adjust the speed at which it moves. If you've used other webcams or security cams with similar features, this will blow that experience out of the water. IMAGE QUALITY: The surprisingly large image sensor, quality optics and AI insures that the image quality is pretty amazing. The default settings appeared kind of dark in my setup, but not with any of the typical low-light distortions of other cams. And the app allows you to adjust the image Exposure (with compensation in Auto mode), white balance, and all the usual image adjustments: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness. The auto focus is ridiculously fast and smooth to the point where I don't really notice it happening. The AI does a good job and keeping the image consistent and I find I don't have to constantly adjust it even if I have most settings on Auto mode and I change my shirt color or the amount of light on me fluctuates. My other webcams struggle a bit with that. Prior to this, I had been using an older Google pixel 4a I bought second hand as my webcam... which STILL provides better image quality than any USB webcam - when combined with a mobile and desktop app combo like CAMO STUDIO. However, the Insta360 comes pretty close. And its PZT functions make it a much more versatile solution for multi-cam streaming setups. FIRMWARE/SOFTWARE: Here is the one place where the Insta360 could use some improvement and the reason I deducted a star from my rating. The app DOES provide a fantastic user experience for setting the PZT - allowing you to drag directly on the image to reposition. And the image adjustments are easy to set up, and precise to control. But it is a little frustrating that there is no way to SAVE multiple image adjustment settings... and the ability to save ONE setting is a little strange in that it is a toggle and its not clear how it works. Oddly, You CAN save multiple PZT settings, which makes the software design seem inconsistent. And when it powers up, The cam DOES remember the last image settings; but it doesn't automatically return to the last (or any saved) PZT settings, so you have to go into the app to re-select it. So overall the app seems a little unfinished. So in summary: The best solution for a fixed webcam experience is still a relatively recent mobile phone (google pixe, iPhone, or Galaxy?) and a software app such as CAMO STUDIO. This may be a more economical proposition too, if you have an old phone or don't mind using your current one. But when it comes to the functionality and image quality provided by the Insta360 Link, you can't find a better out of the box webcam solution, in my opinion. Hopefully, at some point the Insta360 Link software will become as functional as the CAMO STUDIO app. Until then, it seems a little half-baked. In any case; you have to decide if the additional functionality and convenience of the Insta360 is worth the steep price tag. (Currently ~$300.)
Reviewed on September 20, 2022
I’ve been using this camera for the last 2 weeks and have gotten nothing but compliments on the picture quality I’m using this camera as a PTZ cam for Zoom Rooms for Conference Rooms and it’s been amazing and we as a organization are considering using them in our future Zoom Room deployments as it’s a great camera 100% recommended even for Professional Use I wish that they get away from the TikTok advertising and show it as a great alternative for a webcam. It’s lasted throughout a 9hr Conference with no problems I really hope can add full support to the cam so when you use the controller it doesn’t Jolt
Reviewed on August 22, 2022
I have to admit when I opened the package I really thought I would be disappointed. It's so small! I use the Insta360 Link as a webcam for both work MS Teams calls as well for video production for a youtube channel as well live streaming. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER! I've tried several webcams, some extremely expensive, but nothing even comes close to the ease of use and the picture quality I get from this camera on its default settings. I normally need to disable auto exposure and whitebalance on all my previous camera and fine tune the settings in another software like OBS. This camera I plugged in and it was perfect from the first time I used. I like that I can change those settings, but I only do that when I'm going for a very specific look. The face tracking is mind blowing, if anything its too good. I slowed mine down for a smoother stream. My favorite part is the auto focus - often I will hold a product up near my webcam to show it up close and this camera will refocus in maybe a second - its as fast as a sony mirrorless camera. Love this - worth the price!
Reviewed on August 24, 2022
Absolutely love the image quality on this thing! I've been using it for the past week for work presentations and it's a huge step up from my Macbook Pro camera and pretty much every external webcam I've ever tried. Everyone on video calls with me has been asking me if I've been using a DSLR. They are shocked when I say it's a tiny $300 webcam. It's small enough where I can mount it right on my laptop. The main reason I bought it is for the auto tracking because I give several presentations each day and I need to be able to move around my space without worrying about moving my laptop with me. The tracking works super well, even if I move around quickly! The whiteboard recognition mode seems pretty game-changing and I'm now working on incorporating a white board into my demos so I can utilize this feature more. Very nifty! The free software that comes with it is easy to use. Too many features that I still haven't tried. Can't wait to play around with thing some more!
Reviewed on September 01, 2022
There hasn’t been a lot of innovation around the webcams during the pandemic. The Insta360 Link webcam is here to answer this question and meet the need for WFH meetings. I’ve been using it in internal team calls and with external partners. The crisp image quality, the ability to handle complicated light conditions with the HDR mode, and my favourite AI tracking, all make it as the best webcam in years. I also have so much fun when enabling the tracking/zoom/whiteboard mode with simple gestures. But i do wish they could have invented this product earlier, for example in 2021. Now people are starting to get back to office, WFH meetings should be less frequent than before. But for those who will continue to work remotely, this webcam is still a good product to have. And I have to say this is still the best webcam I’ve seen in years.
Reviewed on September 20, 2022
good white balance, good image resolution, clear and bright (even in lower light). Easy to setup and the software that you can download is great. You can easily move camera around up and down, left or right and zoom in or out. Love that when you are not using it, it flips backwards for privacy.....definitely worth the extra money.