FoMaKo 20X Zoom HDMI PTZ Camera for Video Production, HDMI Live Streaming Camera USB PTZ Camera to YouTube, Facebook HDMI 1080P 60FPS for vMix OBS (20X PTZ HDMI Camera) FMK20UH

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  • FoMaKo 20x-HDMI PTZ Camera, video camera with hdmi output for Church & Worship Live Streaming, easy streaming to YouTube, Facebook and More.
  • Compatible with Zoom and skype for business as the conferencing software.Support windows xp ,MAC, Android system.
  • USB PTZ Camera. Output video to USB and HDMI at the same time. SONY 1/2.8” Progressive CMOS. 1080P HD video, 20X Optical Zoom. Compatible with Sony Visca Protocol and Pelco P / D protocol.
  • USB/HDMI Plug and play ,easy to connect it with your Windows PC, Mac, Google Chromebook or smart TV. Intuitive remote: Easily control camera pan, tilt, zoom and more
  • 30 Day money back guaranty for No reason. Repair for 18 Monthes.

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Attribute NameAttribute Value
Brand NameFoMaKo
Item Weight7.74 pounds
Package Dimensions11.65 x 10.08 x 9.61 inches
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberFMK20UH
Date First AvailableDecember 29, 2020
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on February 07, 2021
I have not used a PtZ camera before but the price of this one was attractive. I had been using two older "full hd" camcorders on a balcony zooming to the front of the church and a go pro camera for an overall shot. I hooked this up using the HDMI output direct to an atem mini video switcher and did not connect the USB at all using the ir remote to program and control the camera. The good: The picture quality is excelent even with the low light. My camcorders could not handle the low light and looked blurry and noisy. This camera gives a crisp clean picture in the same lighting conditions. The unit seems well built and was a breeze to set up. The more zoom that was applied the more of a difference between my old cameras and this one. Saving camera positions was a breeze. I ended up using 8 of the 9 presets and the accuracy of the positions is very repeatable. The bad: The biggest flaw is this camera is it is very susceptible to vibrations. Anyone walking on our balcony shakes the camera enough to be unacceptable with the camara resting on the balcony railing. My old camera's had the same issue but not as severe as this one. When the church bell rang it actually shook the camera enough to be unacceptable when zoomed in. I will be mounting this to a ceiling beam that does not flex with the balcony. putting this camera on a tripod is not recommended. That was the first thing I did and it was rediculously shaky (unusable) even when not zoomed in. I do admit it was a cheap tripod. If you are going to use this camera make sure you have a solid place to mount this. The next problem was the ir remote sensor is on the front of the camera. If you mount this on a balcony or anywhere that you are behind the camera, the remote does not work well if at all. As can be seen in the picture, I folded a sheet of paper that the camera is sitting on with a lip folded up to the front of the camera to reflect the ir signal back at the camera and was able to get it to work. This camera needs an ir sensor in the back to get around this issue. the alternate way to get around this issue would be to buy a wired joystick controller. That would completely respolve the remote issue and I may still do that depending on how I can get it to work after mounting it on the ceiling beam. A couple times while panning the camera, the hdmi output dropped momentarily (signal went to black) then came right back (maybe half a second or less). Not sure if there is a poor brush contact or other wiring issue. Given I would not be moving the camera while streaming (moves too fast and is dizzying to watch) if that happens, no one on the live stream will see it. If the problem gets more frequent or more severe I wil update the review. Overall given the price I am quite pleased with this camera. I wil lbe able to get two of these for the price of the camera I was going to get and I am very happy with the optics and sensor resolution. Update a week later: I mounted the camera upside down on the overhead beam and now walking on the balcony does not shake the camera. the video flip function works great although it does not reverse the controlls on the remote. Now left is right and up is down. that really isn't a problem, just an observation. I will mostly be using preset locations anyway. I have not seen the viideo blanking issues while the camera is moving again so that is good news.
Reviewed on January 19, 2022
Glad we tried these cameras! We were looking for 2 cameras priced for a tight budget to be used with vMix for live streaming . Originally I ordered 2 similarly priced cameras of another brand that only had USB 2.0 output. When I connected the original cameras to vMix I found that when using the YUY2 format they had a decent picture but there was a lot of motion blur. It was recommended to try the MJPEG format. This mode solved the motion issue but the picture quality was horrible as our building has very low lighting. Increasing the lighting on the stage helped some but still not acceptable. I was told by vMix support that they didn't support HD over USB 2.0 and I believe this was the issue with the motion blur with the original cameras. I decided to order and try this camera and try using the HDMI output. This required an adapter for inputting to the PC. I ordered 2 Elgato hd60 S+ hdmi to usb 3.0 capture devices since these are on the vMIx supported hardware list. Our PC has 3.0 USB inputs and this was plug and play, no special set up required. This did add to the overall cost but the results were night and day in comparison to the previous cameras we tried. Another issue with the other cameras we had tried was that they did a lot of autofocus adjustments when zooming in for close up -these cameras have not done any of that at all. I was very pleased with the quality of the image with these cameras in our low light setting. We are controlling these with a huddlecam controller using visca and rs485 wiring + and - connections . Easy to set up camera1/camera2 in the camera menu using the IR remote. I also like when panning the cameras with the huddlecam they can be precisely positioned. The previous cameras we tried went too far in each direction when tapping the joystick from side to side making it almost impossible to center the image. These cameras return to stored preset position 1 when powered on which is helpful. Used the ceiling mount to attach them upright on a ledge in our control room which worked well. After being quite frustrated with the previous cameras we have been very happy with these cameras.
Reviewed on February 13, 2022
I've used two cameras for several church congregations in different buildings. I've been overall very pleased for the picture and quality for the price paid. Good: * It's 20x, which fantastic for the price. * The kit comes with a remote control and most necessary cables, including a hard to find correctly pinned out 8 pin mini DIN to DS9 pin serial cable for PTZ camera control. * Using a PTZ OBS plugin, I was able to control the camera via OBS, including setting and recalling presets. It's not without flaws: * About once every 15 minutes the USB video will flicker for a few frames * Camera lets light in on deep zoom when there is a bright light overhead * The USB output is only 30 frames per second while HDMI is 60 frames per second * The focus at 20x is surprisingly tight, something can be in focus 150 feet away and something 155 feet away can be a bit blurry * To support PC camera control, you just need to purchase a DS9 serial to USB cable (these are pretty cheap and common). Overall, I'm happy. I rated it 4 stars only because of that flicker. But if I had to purchase another PTZ camera for the budget, I'd still go with this one.