USB Speakerphone with 4 Mics for Conference Calls - All-in-One AI 4 Mics Speaker for Laptop w/ 1080P Webcam,Adjustable FOV Web Camera w/Software, Plug & Play w/Privacy Cover - EMEET Jupiter

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  • All-in-One USB Speakerphone: 4 Microphones+1080P Camera+1 Speaker - EMEET Jupiter webcam with spkeakerphone for laptop includes HD 1080P webcam, 4 microphones, and 1 speaker. It can be used without the need to purchase an additional external mic and speaker, just start your video calls anytime.The 3W built-in speaker makes your video calls louder and clearer without delay. The 4-microphone arrays of the USB speakerphone feature noise reduction and echo cancellation technology.
  • AI Focus Streaming Camera: AI Scene Zooming - By using the AI focus technology, EMEET Jupiter speakerphone for conference calls can zoom the video screen, and keep the video screen at a suitable size. When you are in a multi-person meeting, the AI Focus function of Jupiter conference speakerphone will automatically adjust the screen size according to the position of the participants, eliminating the need to manually adjust the webcams and focusing more on the meeting.
  • Adjustable 60°-96° Viewing Angle – The EMEET USB Speakerphone and webcam has an adjustable field of view. By using the PC software eMeetLink, you can select the appropriate angle for adjustment within the range of 60°- 96°. Ideal for video conferences,zooms, teams, online school, home office and gaming. The adjustable angle not only allows you to conduct multi-person or single-person meetings, but also protects your privacy.
  • Extra exclusive eMeetLink - EMEET Jupiter speakerphone for conference is equipped with the exclusive eMeeLlink PC software. Through eMeetLink, you can easily customize the image effects, adjust image parameters, upgrade firmware, modify Jupiter’s name to make it your own PC webcam, etc. Just connect the Jupiter speakerphone for computer, and eMeetLink will automatically recognize Jupiter. The eMeetLink software is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.
  • High Compatibility & Webcam Coverage - Jupiter is a plug & play USB speakerphone. No additional drivers or software are required. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go! Conference room camera system is compatible with the most popular video/meeting software such as Zoom/Skype/Teams/YouTube/Facetime/Facebook/Google Hangout. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7/8/10 or later, Mac OS 10.4.3 or later. The privacy cover of the PC speakerphone can help protect your privacy and the lens from dirt and debris.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Brand NameEMEET
Item Weight14 ounces
Product Dimensions2.2 x 3.15 x 2.49 inches
Item model numberJupiter
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Special FeaturesValues:
  1. AI Framing

  2. Auto Zoom

  3. 1 Speaker

  4. 4 Mic-arrays with Echo Cancelling & Noise Reducing

  5. Privacy Cover
Date First AvailableFebruary 28, 2021
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 01, 2021
I used my company work from home equipment allowance and purchased this high end conference room camera. Instead of buying the average sub par $50-$100 webcam for just single person use, I was forward thinking about when I return to the office or travel in late 2021 or 2022. This camera has built in zoom/focus with one of the best microphone systems I have used. The versions used in conference rooms at the office are about 5 or 10 years old with a price point in the thousands. This technology that fits in my hand like a 8oz can packs all that same tech for under $200. My coworker was able to purchase this same camera for under $150 with coupon when available. I have this unit resting on a monitor but will also attach this webcam to a tripod using the screw mount. The head will move up and down using a small flip out vertical piece. The head will move left and right using a circle mounted on that vertical section. The privacy cap is using a rubber lined cap to slide on and off with a snap resistant cording that is attached to the rear of the camera looped like a wrist strap on a handheld digital camera. The emeetlink software gives me the options to adjust the camera settings prior to starting up MS Teams or Zoom. When you leave the settings on AUTO you get that zoom motion to the person speaking. It was simple to install this software on my personal mini pc at home, but when installing onto my work laptop it required me to contact our help desk to allow the software to finish the installation. This is no fault of the cam and software but work policies that prevent software not vetted or managed by our corporate staff. After using this webcam on several work related calls, our family decided to connect this webcam to a mini pc attached to our large tv in the family room for zoom calls with family. The others attending our virtual get together thought the zooming in different people sitting in different parts of the living room was a very cool and unique feature. The web cam has a type C port at the back of the camera. This is a feature that is missed by most webcams. It allows for the faster video and audio transmission but I have the option of using the included Type A to C cable or my own type C to type C cable. This allowed me to connect a 10ft type C-C cable for home use and quickly detach and return the webcam to the home office for work calls.
Reviewed on March 29, 2021
As a home user, I have been searching for a webcam that gives me the flexibility to use it for web conferencing at my desk and also to capture full-body fitness sessions that my wife streams from our home office. I've tried combinations of several generic webcams with various fields of view as well as my professional mirrorless camera piped in through an HDMI converter. The simplicity of setup for the eMeet Jupiter webcam, coupled with excellent optics, good software image controls, and strong sound make this an excellent workhorse camera that has earned its keep in my streaming arsenal. Read on for additional details from my experience. 1. Optical quality - I've included a couple of pictures comparing the Jupiter webcam to a generic (~$30) webcam that I've been using for the past 6 months. I found the Jupiter webcam to have a far cleaner video feed with minimum noise in all channels, including the notorious blue channel. The reduction of color splotches was significant, leading to smoother tones throughout the image. 2. Field of View - Having the ability to digitally zoom the camera's FOV in tight (60°) for a "cozier" framing on conference calls is definitely a plus for me, as my monitors are set back about 2 feet from my keyboard. Even under digital zooming, the image still came out crisper than my generic webcam. Also, because my wife does at-home fitness coaching, the generous native wide-angle FOV (96°) means the camera can pull double duty even while remaining in the same location, capturing our small studio environment wall-to-wall. This is marketed as a feature designed for conference rooms, though I did not test the AI zooming feature. 3. Audio - The Jupiter camera body houses not only an echo-canceling microphone array but also a very capable speaker that can put out quite a lot of sound for its size. The microphones definitely sound best when you're within a few feet of it, but I found that I was still able to be heard without difficulty standing at the back corner of my room and audio from the other side of the call came in loud and clear. 4. Software - The settings for this camera can be controlled via downloadable eMeet Link software, which is available for Mac and PC and works with several products in the eMeet family. Image controls, field of view, and camera resolution can be set here. I tested this under Windows 10 without issue, though be advised that you need to configure your desired settings *before* hopping onto a web conference, as the camera can only be accessed by one app at a time. If eMeet Link is accessing the camera, then it will not be available to Zoom, etc. This is typical of other webcams in my experience.