AVerMedia PW513 Live Streamer CAM, 4K Ultra HD Webcam with Microphone for Gaming and Streaming, with CamEngine Software and USB Connection

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  • AVerMedia PW513 Webcam: Whether you're multiplayer gaming, streaming to an audience or holding a conference in remote working settings, the PW513 provides professional-grade video quality
  • Video quality: Built in 4K optics capture an astonishing 4K30 video when used with optimal lighting conditions and setup, creating clear images for your audience, whether streaming or in meetings
  • Ultra-wide angle and sliding shutter: The 94-degree FOV angle allows you to share easier with a less restrictive angle and the sliding shutter design covers the webcam to protect your privacy
  • Compatibility: Set up this webcam with easy-to-use USB plug and play technology and easily connect and collaborate on 3rd party applications including Zoom, Teams, Meet, Skype, OBS and many more
  • Items delivered: 1 x Live Streamer Webcam PW513 for streaming and remote working, 1 x USB 3.0 Type-C to Type-A Cable, 1 x Quick Guide

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Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions6.7 x 4.7 x 2.7 inches
Item Weight13.8 ounces
Item model numberPW513
Date First AvailableOctober 16, 2020
ManufacturerAVerMedia Technologies Inc
Country of OriginTaiwan
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Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on February 14, 2021
I'm considering returning this product because I know its potential and the cost behind it. Let's start with where this product differs from normal webcams, and how this makes this a very strange product to begin with. This camera's sensor is larger than a normal webcam's, and yet much much smaller than a normal camera's. You might say this isnt an issue because your phone and most laptops have camera's much smaller than this one and plenty of them do fine. This... is the only problem with this camera, and its a major one. Your phone's front facing camera works by taking the worst image you've ever seen, if you'd been able to see the raw to begin with, and using a lot of guess work and processing to get the image to what you see on screen. This processing includes color correcting, highly advanced noise removal, and in some cases, complete pixel synthesis to create the images we see today. This is not to say those sensors are bad, just that they are essentially all software. Webcam's feed on this same design, in that they take what should be a terrible messed up image, and use insane amounts of software on every frame of video to ensure that the photo that comes out might look blurry, out of focus, or like all the detail in the worst cases, is gone...but the image is noise free and in all likelyhood the best-case scenario out of these cheap sensors as they can squeeze out in hopes you enjoy it regardless of the horrible quality per bandwidth ratio now that USB3 has been a thing for so long. Big Camera's, DSLR sensors are of such a greater scale that much less of these various software tricks are actually necessary as they are consuming so much more light and have such better understanding of the raw input due to this amount of light, that they can see much closer to how the human eye sees, and in some cases, much much better as we can control the "Brain" that processes that light into an image. Pulling color and dynamic range out of places an eye would stumble in dark scenarios. However because of this lower processing, a DSLR may initially appear to produce a noisier image in low light scenarios in all but the best of cases. Good news with a DSLR~! You can take its raw output from the sensor and throw that into some video or photo editing program and apply those same post processing effects phone's use to a finer degree and produce an unparalleled image. It's range is so much higher that it is worth this trade off. This camera...Falls into an uncomfortable middle ground between these two, and because of it you have to do something crazy to make it work, so crazy in fact that I am considering returning it. Let me explain... See this webcam's sensor and range might be better than most webcams but...this says very little, due to the camera being so lacking in post processing, and its range not being high enough to make up for it. Much of what you can do with this camera in POST will make it look like a normal webcam without extreme amounts of light. To be clear, I am not talking DSLR amounts of light, it is much higher even than that. Where something like a Logitech webcam may lower its post processing as more light is introduced into the image, this camera has very little from the start, meaning right at the start, a lot of light is needed, and unlike a DSLR, its sensor cannot compensate for gain, at all. The moment even a little gain in the sensor is added, noise will be noticeable, and colors start to bleach out. I have an 1100 lumen bulb on my left, a 1600 lumen tv backlight, a 1600 lumen desklight, a 1600 lumen bedlight, a 1100 lumen bulb on my right, and a 1050 lumen bulb behind me. The image, is unusable for any description of recording. There is noise everywhere, and it is unfixable with manual settings...in a small room. Through my testing, I can drop exposure to -4 maximum with high gain (Below medium for this sensor, there is lots of noise) (-13 is the fastest exposure setting for the camera) This should imply that even with a focused bulb at 2800 lumen's the best I could do is drop exposure one more notch, or remove the gain setting (This camera's "Exposure Times" are doubled. Dropping one notch does nothing unless at the slowest exposure speeds, these means the software is lying to you) Also, noise and the "Gain" setting are not completely related (A slow exposure will still produce noise in the image even with gain disabled) Implying again that "Gain" may not be an appropriate word for what the software is actually doing, unless the sensor is noisy by default which by is disproven by watching videos of people with expensive video lighting. The above means the best combination for removing noise from the base image is to lower exposure to a -5/-6 with 0 gain for this sensor, naturally, without post processing (The least amount of post process work needed) Unfortunately, I have nearly 2200 lumens pointed at my face, and I cannot use these settings without high amounts of gain unless I put both bulbs by my face, which proved my theory, the camera at these settings is probably the best looking webcam I, have ever seen, even using its "Ai Framing" feature. To do this I need to purpose direct light at my face, and double the amount of light emitted by both of these bulbs combined, and to do so in a small room I need to design a lighting solution, or go with the D50 or Elgato Keylight (Not the air, or two, as it would be too dim) to resolve the issue with the sensor.... and I'm not certain a single one of these, will do the job, even combining them with the lights I have now..... And then I need to follow that image with a light bit of post processing to ensure the image isnt overly sharpened, as that is another post processing mistake this camera has (There is some post sharpening enabled that no setting in the app will remove)(Sharpening setting included yes). Usually, a camera like this wouldnt be the size that it is, as, it appears to be doing nothing itself (The app even tells you that noise removal will increase your computer's cpu load) and this would be a raw sensor (since USB3.0 has the bandwidth for this...from a DSLR) but the webcam being large usually means its doing some kind of processing itself (likely what that firmware update was for) that is not controllable by the software (which would explain mistakes in what is being picked up by the sensor) but I cant figure out what that would be as its post processing is simply not good. For ALLLL of that. I didnt buy this camera for streaming, or recording, I bought it for video calls as a comparable option against the Brio, and am underwhelmed as this "webcam" appears to be failing even in well lit environments for a "webcam" and a "DSLR", and the amount of work, and cost, to make it work well (For a webcam, not even a phone camera which should still destroy this thing in video) is astronomical. 3-500 dollars for a webcam with good lighting (2 lamps a keylight and the webcam) is enough to get you a cheap DSLR which with 1 keylight, or well... a lamp with decent bulbs in it... will blow this thing out of the water. My c920 produced a better, more noiseless image, with half the light im already giving the pw513 and as a reminder to all of you, thats a USB2 webcam, from 8 years ago when windows 8 was being thought up. To sum up, if you currently fit the following qualifications, buy this webcam. 1. You possess 4000 directed lumens aimed at your face (This is not a bulb, a bulb is not good enough, this is a directed softbox with bulbs totaling 8000 lumens, or a directed LED Keylight totaling 4000 lumens.) 2. You possess at least 2000 lumens worth of bulbs dedicated to side lighting from a lamp... (You must have both 1, and 2, to get a professional image) In any other scenario, buy a C920, or a Logitech Streamcam. The reason for this is the strange skintone coloring on the Brio, that will not be present on the other two. A DSLR for a tiny stream image is not worth it, and for youtube its only worth it if you regularly are NOT that bubble in the top left of the screen and are in fact making normal videos.
Reviewed on February 06, 2022
I definitely fall into one of those "I have never written a review on Amazon before" types but this product compelled me to write about it to help other people. I felt compelled to give you a real person's review on this cam and what's going on as of 2022. As a background, I used the Avermedia PW313 for over a year now and it WAS a dream come true camera, used it for both work and home for Discord streaming, zoom, teams, and other conference-style calls, and was great because it saved all my settings between computers. Here's the TLDR secret sauce for this camera: You NEED to have proper lighting, a genuine USB 3,0 connection, & patience to actually adjust the picture in the settings. You NEED to install and use Cam Engine 4 and NOT Central Assist or you will have a bad time. Yes, it runs hot and you need to actively monitor this camera because if you use it for a long time it will run hot. Read on for a more in-depth review. I wanted to future-proof my setup and I landed here after reading all the reviews on other webcams, I was glad to go with Avermedia again, but there is a story to this webcam, and it's a very complicated one. Youtube reviewers said this was the best webcam on the market, user reviews said the quality was "Grainy" and left negative reviews. Then the YouTuber legion came out and corrected all the one-star reviews because they couldn't figure out how to set up a key light and adjust some sliders. But even with all that, it was 10 months ago, looking for anything recent is difficult and there have been major changes to the cam engine software that affect this product greatly. First to the camera itself. Amazing build quality, but it is GIGANTIC and you will need to accommodate for that. I will also say that this camera runs HOT, with no ventilation properties to speak of. So if you plan on using this to stream consistently for hours on end then I would look to find a solution or be good with the fact that this thing will cook itself. (You shouldn't be using this in 4K anyway but even at 1080 it heats up.) The "Neck" of the webcam is a saving grace and very welcome to angle your shots, very well implemented. The camera cover is shoddy at best and does the job but who is really going to complain about that. The proprietary cable is SHORT and you will need to ensure that you plug this into a genuine USB3.0 port or you will have problems (Again leading to those one-star reviews.) If you get a different cable shell out the money for a good cable that can handle the speeds this thing needs to run. Picture quality, second to none. No other webcam is going to come close to this. My conference calls have never looked better and I don't even have Cam Engine installed on my work laptop. Zoom and Teams allow for some basic customization that takes this thing to the next level without any proprietary software, A huge win for work from home folks in my book. For home use, this is the number one thing that no one is talking about in 2022. AVerMedia's software for "Assist Central" is what is prompted to install when you first plug this thing in. Again, a lot of the ease of use for all those YouTubers from 10 months ago was because they were lucky enough to use an older version of the Cam engine. It is great but guess what. Now they want you to use "Assist Central" Which has led to a LOT of issues recently for users of the camera and is what is causing the negative reviews you see on Reddit recently. It causes issues with your mouse, OBS, and is very sloppy and unresponsive. THIS IS THE SECRET SAUCE: Download Came engine 4. This will allow you to have the adjustment you need without having to go through the assist central issues. It's on the website for Avermedia. Before I was unable to adjust my video quality to reflect in Discord, but with this, it creates a virtual camera that you can select as a source and you can adjust what you need to on the fly. For some reason, not one person, review, youtube video, Reddit post, or response from an AVerMedia tech has suggested this and I have NO CLUE why this has gone under the radar. Assist central is complete trash and has a known track record of messing everything up. After spending two days and having things set up, this thing is amazing. I will update as time goes on, but as of February of 2022, using a proper lighting setup and the Cam Engine 4 software, I am able to have a very crisp color-accurate video feed that is detectable from most conference apps, without downloading software (Very important because you can't download anything on most company laptops nowadays.) And for home use, I am able to adjust the settings and they STAY on the camera, between uses. Yes even if you unplug it and plug it back in. Works wonderfully with OBS, Discord and I imagine Twitch and youtube as well with a wonderful crisp 1080P 30 FPS video feed, with the option to go to 60FPS (Play with the settings, it won't look great at the start.) Hope this helps someone out there, not feel bad about their $200+ dollar purchase.
Reviewed on August 12, 2022
When I first installed this camera, I was very disappointed with the image quality. I took to Google to see what "junk" I had bought. After digging into it and reading many reviews (from bloggers and streamers), I found that this camera requires "good" lighting. If you intend on using this in low-light situations, you would be better served with something like a Logitech C-920
Reviewed on September 15, 2022
you need aboslute perfect lighting, ive had this for over a year now and i still havent gotten it to work as everyone says it should. chhose it after seeing all the good reviews, with my years worth of use it has laggeed my pc , which is by no means slow, andhas jsut now absolutley stopped working. tried contacting support but there apperars to be a 3 days period to respond to anything and theyll always respons at like 3 am, and belice it or not aboslutley no help in any regards