AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design, Exclusive AI Facial Tracking Stickers. (PW313)

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  • Plug and play USB webcam with 2 built-in microphones (mono).
  • Exclusive camera effects/ filters powered by AI facial tracking.
  • 360-Degree swivel design makes calling and recording easier at any angle.
  • Built-in privacy shutter to keep you safe from any hacker attacks when not in use.
  • Records crisp, vibrant 1080p30 videos that capture the finest details for your live streaming and video blogs.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Brand NameAVerMedia
Item Weight1.76 ounces
Product Dimensions7.3 x 4.7 x 2.7 inches
Item model numberPW313
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Special FeaturesValues:
  1. Frame Rates up to 60 fps; 65-Degree Horizontal Field of View; Swiveling

  2. Tripod-Ready Design
Date First AvailableJuly 19, 2019
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 26, 2022
I have had Logitech C920s and C922s for Macs and PCs in my company for several years, and they all have lousy color, no matter how well lighted and what color adjustments I make. I either look like a grainy beet or Orange Man with those cameras, and I have professional studio lighting that can vary the brightness and light warmth (white point). Colors of background objects display even worse. The last straw was when Logitech "upgraded" their driver software, which made it worse. I either look like my face is made of putty, or I have chicken pox. I happened to do a webinar with a friend who has an AverMedia webcam, and he looked flawless on a PC; perfect color and good resolution with overhead fluorescent lights, so I bought the AverMedia PW315. I was concerned from the lack of reviews on MacOS that the camera might not work well, but it works great on my 2019 MacBook Pro 15" 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 running Big Sur. I do a lot of webinars and web meetings, so skin tone and correct color are important for my use. I'm not a gamer, so I couldn't care less about that. The documentation for Macs is sparse, so it was unclear if this webcam needs software to manage the camera settings, and it does need the CamEngine app on MacOS or Windows, which you can download from AverMedia's web site. The documentation says the camera doesn’t need a driver installed, which technically is true for MacOS, but Windows does already have a driver for it, so on PCs technically it does have a driver, although you don’t have to install one. With either OS, you need the CamEngine software to make adjustments. I would ignore the review that says this cam is useless on Macs, that’s nonsense, it works fine on my 3 MacBook Pros and 2 Mac Pros. That app has a lot of settings to adjust color, focus, white point, brightness and contrast, and improve skin tone and focus. The only drawback to this 60fps camera is it has about a 2-second lag time, so I can raise my hand and put it back down before the camera displays it. A minor annoyance for me; not sure how it would work for gaming. If you're not well lit, the image can appear grainy, but that's true with any web cam. Conversely, if you’re over lit, you’ll look washed out. So it’s advisable to get lights in front of you that you can adjust the brightness on. It helps a lot with any web cam to have good, balanced lighting. If I turn on my small studio lights and have a window next to me with no blinds, that side gets a bit over exposed. I suspect the people complaining about poor color or saturation don’t have decent lighting and are relying on home light fixtures and window lighting only. While the camera has fixed focus, no auto focus, it doesn't need it since the lens depth of field is excellent. I am in focus sitting 2 feet away from the camera, and the background about 10 feet behind me is also in focus. Again, proper lighting makes all the difference. The built-in camera mount works well hanging over a monitor, but I prefer to use an Olisicht Mini Projector Wall Ceiling Mount 215mm on Amazon to mount it to the 1/4" x 20 screw mount, placed on a monitor stand to bring the camera to eye level. The lens cover slides right to left over the lens and works fine. Camera build quality is as good as my Logitech C920s and 922s. I love this web cam and will be replacing all Logitech cams in my company with these.
Reviewed on August 14, 2022
I’ve purchased several of these for work from home setups for me and my wife, both at our house and cabin. Picture quality is great. Can adjust the camera around as needed to get shot angle you want. I like the privacy shutter as save guard in case you forget to turn video off on the computer. I recommend especially if you can get them on sale (I’ve been able to get mine around $40).
Reviewed on July 20, 2022
I’ve had one of these in my office for a couple of years and never had any problems with it so ordered one for my husband’s office when his old one crapped out. Nothing to set up, plug it in to USB port and it’s ready to go. Picture quality is fine for general use.
Reviewed on July 28, 2022
It works great! Images are clear and sound is good too.
Reviewed on January 07, 2022
Their software is of poor quality and keeps the camera turned on when it should not be. It crashes frequently and doesn't provide much advantage if any over other free software that's more reliable. The hardware itself is fantastic and I recommend it. Also of note, their firmware updater does not work. Thankfully it didn't damage the device but it didn't work either.
Reviewed on June 01, 2022
This camera overall is very good. It "just worked" as you would expect. The built-in camera cover is also a nice added bonus. If you're working from home, I'd definitely recommend this camera.
Reviewed on June 26, 2021
I use this webcam mostly for Zoom meetings.  Here's why I'm only giving it 3 stars: 1. I had to return the first camera I received. No matter what I did, it was blurry. 2. I received the replacement camera rather quickly and the camera image was not blurry, However, the camera does not auto focus.  It stays the same all the time. 2 to 3 feet from the camera allows you to be in focus. 3. The quality of the image is decent, but not as sharp as I would think for this price range. 4. The low light compensation is too strong.  I'm overexposed and the image runs hot all the time, no matter what my lighting setup is. 5. At the time I ordered it, this camera cost about 80 bucks. In my opinion, it's way overpriced for the quality.  It should be in the 25 to 30 bucks price range. Here are a few good things, though: 1. The image is decent. 2. The mount on the camera is nice and sturdy with rubber grips, so that it stays in place on your monitor. 3. It has a privacy cover. For those of you keeping score, here's the breakdown: Design- B Image Quality- C Focal Range- C Ease of Use- B Value- D Overall Grade: C
Reviewed on March 06, 2022
Super easy setup. I was mid-call when I needed to turn on a camera. All I had to do was plug it in and change my zoom settings. Love how simple it was. The quality of the image is also very clear with a nice wide angle.