AnkerWork B600 Video Bar with 4-in-1 Design (2K Cam with Speaker, Mic, Light), AI Video Conference Cam, 2K Computer Cam with Mic, Noise Cancellation, 4-Mic Array, Webcam with Speaker, Built-in Light

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  • All-in-One Video Bar: Declutter your workspace area by merging your camera, speaker, microphone, and light into one AI-powered camera for your computer monitor, and put the extra space to good use. Make sure to insert both the data and power cables into the correct ports for seamless operation.
  • Be Heard at Every Meeting: Integrated with VoiceRadar️, the 4-mic array on this video conference camera will make sure your colleagues hear everything you have to say instead of the background noise.
  • Specialized Silk Speakers: Truly hear what your colleagues are saying and how they're saying it through high-definition and low-distortion dual speakers made with a specialized silk membrane.
  • Be Seen Clearly: Replace your current video equipment with AnkerWork B600, a video conference camera with built-in, professional quality, 2K resolution to show off true-to-life colors.
  • Look Great in Any Light: MagicSight️ technology automatically adapts to make sure you look bright and professional, even in low-light settings, so you can make a good impression.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Brand NameAnkerWork
Item Weight10.6 ounces
Product Dimensions7.09 x 1.81 x 1.5 inches
Item model numberA3383011
Color NameBlack
Special FeaturesLow Light
Date First AvailableApril 22, 2022
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on March 12, 2022
I'll be the first to admit I always have to get the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. When I mentioned to a coworker that I was in the market for a new webcam, they shot a link to this product over and within a minute I was sold and ordered it. Unboxing and First Impressions: The unboxing experience was what I'd expect for something at this price point, with a foam liner along the top of the box and everything nestled in its own compartment. After sliding the outer sleeve off and opening the box, you'll be absolutely shocked at how BIG this thing is! If you're used to having a Logitech 920 perched atop your monitor, you're in for a shock. With that size also comes weight - I wouldn't dare try and set this thing up on your laptop, especially if it's a thin and light ultrabook-style computer (it won't end well). Features and Performance: Connecting to the computer: This device is power hungry, so much so that it comes with a plug-in power adapter and international plug adapters which is nice. I guess they couldn't be bothered to make specific packages for different regions: Europe and Asia, I believe. There are two USB-C ports, one for the power, and the other to connect to the computer. There's also a random USB-A port I didn't experiment with at all. My setup is such that the too-short cable going from the camera to the computer wasn't an issue, but I can see how it would be problematic for some. I was nervous about the power cable length with my standing desk, but it was fine. The light bar was what had me throwing my wallet at the computer, as I currently have a mini ring light and camera up top. I can see a use case for a dimly lit home office space, or if you are frequently on conference calls with international clients while at nighttime for you, but this light bar is not going to have you looking like a YouTuber by any stretch. It might help a tiny bit with shadow on your face, but you can open a blank document in Word and get about as much light from your monitor. There are color temperature and brightness options on the light bar which definitely help you to avoid that "I swear I didn't just get a spray tan" orange cast that we've all seen or experienced. The light bar has an auto-on feature as well as an always-on option that can be configured in the software. The camera quality itself is impressive at 2K and the ability to select the field of view from within the AnkerWork software (which actually doesn't suck) is neat. There's also a feature where it will track you as you move through the field of view and it will try and keep you centered in the frame while simultaneously in focus. Very cool feature if you're presenting, but not vital if you're stationary. I admit it was fun moving and watching my coworkers' faces when the camera re-centered me. The default color settings are pretty spot on, and the software allows for tweaks if you want. Now on to the touch controls: they're cool, but you're going to look crazy constantly reaching toward your camera to unmute yourself or to adjust the brightness of the light bar. I can imagine the looks on the faces of your fellow Zoom call members as they're constantly getting a lovely view of your palm while you reach toward the camera. Just stick to the controls in your software, honestly. I wasn't blown away by the audio quality from the microphones, but I did like the noise cancelling while my robot vacuum was trolling the hallway outside my home office. Folks on the call with me couldn't hear anything. This camera is not going to transform you into a podcaster with its microphone quality. I will say they're definitely above average and provide a full, natural sound. The built-in speakers are tinny, as they're just tweeters, but honestly they're perfect for a video call where participants are speaking if you don't want to wear headphones or don't have good speakers as part of your setup. You won't be jamming to your Daily Mix playlist on Spotify with any degree of satisfaction, but they get the job done. Overall Impressions: A very cool niche product that does a lot of things well, but not excellently. At this price point I'd love to see an IR camera for Windows Hello. Even suggesting 4K isn't really beneficial, as most platforms limit your streaming to 1080p at 30fps. I'd love to see Anker ditch the speakers, make this thing about 3/4 the size with a brighter light bar, drop the camera to 1080 at 60fps for possible alternative streaming uses, and knock it down to around a hundred bucks. If you're the kind of person mopping up your tears in the beginning of the movie "Up" with $5 dollar bills, pick one up. I'll be returning the B600 and sticking to my 1080p 60fps Razer Kiyo Pro and mini ring light for the time being. Happy webcamming y'all!
Reviewed on July 17, 2022
This is a sharp camera that adjusts well to lighting conditions. Unlike most webcams this integrated mic sounds good - clear and natural. Many mics not on a headset will pickup keyboard clicks and so does this one- even way up on top of my 32 inch monitor. The built in light is okay and offers some color changes which is nice- it’s just not that effective. However since the camera is so good you will probably not need the light much anyways…. so in the end the camera has a good image which is what matters. Few cameras have speakers - this one does and they are pretty good for calls. They do make the unit heavy and bulky. The extra video features like zoom and tracking are great if you can install their software- on my work laptop that’s not possible so the camera zoom, light control, etc do not work. This is not unique to this camera and with the on camera buttons you can at least turn the light on. For me having the narrower field of view was desired to keep the background of my room out of view and that’s not possible without the software. I’d say if you don’t have or won’t use headphones on your zoom/teams/skype calls this is an excellent step up- camera image, mic, and speakers are way above your built in. Most cameras have a very muddy mic pickup- this one is quite good. Without the software it may not be a high value vs cost option and the field of view will be wide. Get a longer usbc cable. If blocking the camera when not using it is important to your privacy then the built in way (rotating the light bar) is cumbersome and requires quite a bit of fiddling- for a high price camera that was a miss. Probably unrealistic to do that more than once a day. The price was a bit high and I was hoping for a bit more selective microphone pickup so I returned it. There are parts of this that work quite well though, including excellent image quality and a nice sounding mic- so this may work for you especially if the price doesn’t bother you.