4K Webcam with Remote Control, 4k Streaming Camera,Digital Zoom,Auto-Focus 120° Wide Angle Built-in Dual Noise Reduction Mics,USB Web Camera with Sensor,HD Webcam for PC Desktop/Laptop…

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  • 【Ultra 4K FHD & 8 Megapixels】Unzano 4K webcam comes with SONY 4K ( 8.0M/16:9), 1/2.8"CMOS image sensor, 8 Megapixel Sony sensor that features up to a 3840 x 2160 high quality HD resolution at 30 frames per second for crisper images and clearer videos.Perfect for online conferences,live streaming,video calls,gaming.
  • 【360° Remote Controller&USB Type-A and Type-C Ports】With the remote control, you can control 4x digital zoom in and out,brightness,mute the volume.Equipped with Type-A to Type-C adapter.Macbook can also be plug and play,webcam can be adjusted and controlled remotely, which is more convenient and faster than manually.Note:Only support for 4X digital zoom at 1080P and below.
  • 【120 Large Degree Wide Angle&Dual Noise-Canceling Stereo Microphone】120 degree large wide view webcam with mic,this camera built in digital stereo microphone with automatic noise reduction, which makes the sound purer and clearer, pick up your voice even at 16ft(5m)distance.
  • 【Auto Low-Light Correction & Auto-focus】 Equipped with automatic white balance and low-light correction functions. Even in dim environments it can be fine-tuned to produce bright and well-contrasted images. with the most advanced technology of auto focus. You don't need to manually focus the camera to get a clear image, you could move freely since the webcam will catch your face anywhere and anytime, more convenient than the manual.
  • 【Wide Compatibility and Multi Application】Unzano 4K webcam is compatible with Skype, YouTube, Facebook, Xbox One, OBS, Mixer, Zoom, Hangouts, FaceTime, Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, Yahoo, MSN, Android, IPTV, and more. It is also compatible with MAC OS X 10.7 and higher/ Windows 7, 8, 10/ Android 4.0 or higher/ and more.

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Package Dimensions6.5 x 4.37 x 2.32 inches
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Date First AvailableDecember 1, 2021
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 10, 2022
Note: My review is for the newest model (4K version). Most of the reviews on here are for the older model (1080P version). I spend hours a day in web meetings, and I also participate in some online streaming events. I think it’s important to have a decent quality webcam. For many years, Logitech topped the list of best webcams for a typical user. Their C920 series (920S/922/Pro etc.) webcams have stayed popular for many years with little changes aside from bumps in price. It has been pretty much the basic go-to 1080p webcam standard for many years. Now, 4K webcams are starting to take root. While the majority of options out there are 1080p webcams, there’s a good selection of 2K and 4K webcams, some with the latest technology like AI tracking (camera follows you), built-in speakers, or a high-quality cardioid microphone. This webcam focused only on the camera aspect – so it boasts 4K resolution. It has a barely perceptible fisheye view to capture the 120-degree angle. Aside from the remote, all the other features are pretty standard, i.e., dated, tech. The remote is pretty cool. I’ve never used a webcam with a remote before. One thing though, the buttons only go up, there’s no down. So you keep zooming in until you max out the zoom, and then it goes back to normal. Same with brightness. You cannot decrease the brightness. You have to keep pushing the button until it goes all the way up, then reverts to the darkest setting. The camera works fine at 4K, averaged around 27 fps @ 4K resolution. The microphone is nothing to brag about, the sound is slightly muffled, but it works fine for basic meetings. There’s two mic holes so it’s stereo sound (not mono) but that’s about all it’s got going for it. The image sensor is small, a 1/2.8” image sensor. While this is a little larger than you’d expect in a typical webcam (normally around 1/3”); keep in mind this is still a very small image sensor and that’s why webcams in general aren’t designed for use in low light settings. Generally, the smaller the image sensor the greater loss in image quality in low light settings. The design is plasticky and boxy, and the feel is cheap. Also, it's an unusually wide camera, so it takes up a lot of space. This camera does not come with a tripod. A lot of the nicer ones include a tripod. But the tripod in my photo was my own because I don’t like hanging these on my monitor. Note that this camera doesn’t come with any rotation points, so if you do mount it on your monitor you won’t be able to angle it sideways. I’d say a tripod is a must. In summary, this camera is in the high range as far as video resolution, and the remote control is a little unique. All the other features are of pretty standard/unchanged quality from the last 5+ years. There’s no tripod, and the mic is not that great, but everything works and this camera is just fine for work or personal meetings.
Reviewed on August 26, 2022
I've used this camera multiple times for streaming live on Twitch, and it works really well! It connects right away, and I haven't had any issues.
Reviewed on April 07, 2022
So I'm just starting out streaming on a certain platform. I'm just learning by watching videos and teaching myself. Since I'm just starting out I don't want to spend too much on equipment, but I don't want to use crappy equipment. I chose two cameras on Vine to try. This is the one that I feel is decent quality at a good price. I'm not that tech savvy but I can tell you why I like this camera. So first my laptop (at this time I don't have a desktop), recognized this immediately. This needs to be plugged into the actual computer not a USB hub. I'm still playing around and learning. I use windows 10. I also use Stream Labs OBS and I'm really working to figure that out. I can change the specs on the camera to my liking which I really haven't done yet tbh. I was impressed with the picture especially from a camera that cost less than half of the name brand I plan on getting later if all goes well. This was easy to attach to the top of my laptop and it has a remote. I like that I can use the remote to turn off the cameras mic and only use my other mic. I've still got to do more with this and I will update. If you're looking for a camera for zoom calls, school ect.... this is perfect. I highly recommend this for people who are beginners at streaming or making content. You get good quality without investing alot of money.
Reviewed on April 12, 2022
I recently upgraded my work set up and currently I’m using my MacBook Pro with a monitor to the side as a desktop extension. I prefer to use the larger monitor screen when videoconferencing so I can expand my window view while still seeing everyone’s preview. The downfall of doing this is that I end up looking straight at my off to the side monitor and not at my MacBook where the built in camera is. I originally was trying out a different brand of WebCam with very similar specifications however what drove me to replacing it with this particular WebCam was the option to zoom in and out with a remote and no fancy program or download needed to do so. I noticed the other camera I was using had the same field of view, However it was just simply too wide- I prefer if all of my coworkers don’t see everything behind me to either side and virtual backgrounds annoy me. Upon receiving this WebCam I was pleased with the results however the USB-USB-C adapter that comes with it does not work, so it might be worth having a back up adapter to have laying around just in case.
Reviewed on July 30, 2022
This is a very nice webcam. The picture is super clean and pics up motion very well. It does quite well in lower lighting situations and shines when in optimal lighting situations. Have used this to livestream on YouTube and have been extremely pleased. I would definitely recommend this product 👍