4K Webcam with Microphone,8 Megapixel Web Cam,Ultra HD Web Camera for Computers,Webcam for Laptop Desktop,USB Webcam with Privacy Cover,Pro Streaming Webcam for Video Calling

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  • Ultra HD 4K Webcam, equipped with high-tech optics and 8-megapixel lens,3840x2160 Resolution(8,294,400 total pixels),4K webcam is total of 4 times as many pixels of 1080p. This Web cam build in enhanced 1/3.2’’ CMOS image sensor,high dynamic range (Hdr),no optical distortion,adjust exposure and contrast,automatic low light correction,professional recording of ultra-high-definition video,showing the crystal clear details and saturated colors on your screen.
  • Webcam with Microphone , this pc webcam built in dual noise reduction microphone,can automatic filter backround noise,8m/26ft omnidirectional sound absorption,which allows for clear sound recording,even in a noisy environment. This streaming webcam provide the excellent video calling experience for for video conferencing /webinars/distance learning /online classes/live streaming/social gaming/beauty makeup live etc.
  • USB Plug Play & Strong Compatibility.This usb webcam fit for multi-operations ,including Windows 2000,xp,7/8/10, Mac OSX 10.7and above,Android 4.0 and above operation systems,Linux,Chrome OS,XBOX,IOS,smart TV. No need to install any driver software to use, external webcam for laptop/desktop/Macbook/computer monitor/smart TV/Xbox etc. This usb camera compatible with most live streaming software such as Skype,YouTube,Facebook,WeChat,WebEx,MSN,Zoom,PotPlayer,Gmail etc.
  • Double Privacy Protection,webcam with privacy cover & play/pause function.Press the "Play/Pause" button on the top of the webcam to freeze the screen during a video call,press the play button again to restore the screen. This web cam with a shutter cover, which allows you to enjoy a safe digital network life when you are not using the webcam.The cover also helps to protect the lens from dirt and debris to ensure your video remains clear for the life of the webcam.
  • Computer Camera with 180° Rotatable Base and Lens ,you can adjust the angle of the webcam according to your needs, fix the webcam stably on the computer monitor.You can also use the webcam independently with the tripod in the package.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Standing screen display size3.2 Inches
Max Screen Resolution8 MP
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 31, 2022
The camera works great! Easy to mount on my monitor and comes with a stand if needed. Sound and picture quality is great too!
Reviewed on July 19, 2022
Reviewed on February 02, 2022
Nice camera for the price but lacks quality in picture and adjusting to lightning but overall not a bad camera
Reviewed on October 04, 2021
Very disappointed with my new GoHZQ webcam and will be returning it. My decision to purchase was largely based on a '5 popular webcams' comparative review of budget cams online (digitaltrends). This cam was the reviewer's top pick due to the (supposed) higher 4K resolution, nice color/lighting balance and lower price. The only questionable downside(?) was that it has a fixed focus lens, which didn't sound bad to me because someone told me their auto-focus cam is always re-focusing during conference calls anytime they move, which can be distracting to say the least. And one would assume the fixed focus would be focused quite fixedly on the primary *foreground subject*, right?? Well, unfortunately one would be wrong about that. The GOHZQ appears to be a nice quality cam for the price, but with a CRITICAL FLAW: The subject (me) and anything else within 3-4 feet distance from the camera is entirely out of focus. Not horribly so, but enough that it's very noticeable in contrast to my background wall 10-ft away, which meanwhile is perfectly focused with beautifully crisp detail. This is surprising and kind've ridiculous; the exact opposite of what you want in a webcam unless you intend to use it for larger group conferencing. There appears to be zero way to adjust the focus on the camera or in the settings. Again, it's a fixed-focus lens, so go figure. Silly that a manufacturer makes a fixed-focus webcam obviously intended for personal video conferencing, but sets the focus on the far background while the foreground is blurry. So there you have it. If you happen to sit 10-ft from your computer monitor while video conferencing, then I suppose this is the cam for you! Otherwise, for personal video conferencing it's a big disappointment and my advice is to avoid it.
Reviewed on February 08, 2022
For being a 4k webcam picture quality was awful. no matter how much I adjusted what limited sliders it allowed you to adjust (through a 3rd party program, that I had to find) it was still not good.
Reviewed on June 08, 2021
This cameras off awesome I've only used it one time to video chat with a family member in Florida and it were falling asleep there was no issues with it I have a pretty fast internet with 300 GB connection but as the three cameras I bought I've only really use the one the only drawback is it didn't have software so you have to either use what's in Windows 10 or buy software for which I was lucky because I had * blank youcam software from a Blu-ray burner that I purchased previously so I ended up using that software other than that the camera and resolution are fantastic it does work on USB 2.0 and it has a flip lid so even if the device is powered up you can close it also the tripod is really handy put on a laptop you can mount it on top of it
Reviewed on January 20, 2021
I have an older MacBook Pro and the built-in camera is nice, it doesn't do the best job of managing light and backgrounds. On Zoom calls, I can be in the brightest room in the house and I appear dark and hard to see. This camera eliminates that issue. The picture and resolution are crisp and bright. On a Mac, as soon as you launch an app like Zoom, the camera is automatically detected and you're good to go. The only negative I have is that I wish it would have a proper to clip or something to better secure it to the laptop screen. Other than that, it's good product for the price.
Reviewed on June 15, 2022
Works reliably with good quality picture and sound. Very happy with purchase.