4K Webcam, 2022 Angetube 8MP with Sony Sensor Webcam with Microphone Zoomable Lens with Remote 120 Degree Wide Angle USB Computer Web Camera for Streaming/Online Teaching/Video Calling/Zoom/Skype

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  • 【Ultra HD Webcams 4K & 8.3 Million Pixels】The Angetube web cam 4K comes with a SONY 1/2.8” CMOS sensor, features up to a 3840*2160 resolution at 30fps. The 4K streaming camera captures every detail in crisp, high-resolution color in professional conference,video chatting,live streaming, online teaching, recording, and gaming.
  • 【360 degree RF Remote Controller with 5X Digital Zoom Lens】Easily control your video calls with the included RF remote within 10 meters. Such as zoom in or out, brightness adjustment,microphone mute. With 5X digital zoom, you can easily change the focus of the webcams as needed during presentations.Zoom in and out is only valid when the resolution is less than 3840*2160.
  • 【HD 7-layers glass lens and wide viewing angle】120˚ wide angle webcam without distortion. Fixed focus avoid it is always focusing during the video chatting.Thanks to the low light correction technology ,it always capture more clearer sharper and vivid images and video in different light condition.
  • 【Dual Noise-Canceling Mics】The 4k PC camera built-in dual omnidirectional noise cancellation microphone always pick up your voice within 3 meters(9.8ft) and filter out background noise automatically. Enabling you to enjoy a clearer voice for hassle free communication even in noisy surroundings.
  • 【Plug and play,support USB A or type C 】The camera for computer comes with one USB A to type C adapter, more convenient for Macbook Pro/Air user.Plug and play with most popular operating systems, including Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Android V5.0, Smart TV, and so many more. Perfect for Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft Teams and any other popular video calling software.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Brand NameAngetube
Item Weight9.9 ounces
Product Dimensions5.2 x 2.47 x 1.87 inches
Country of OriginChina
Item model number914F
Batteries1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Color NameBlack
Special FeaturesLow Light
Date First AvailableFebruary 15, 2022
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 01, 2022
I teach online classes from Chicago. This is my full time job, so I demand *a lot* from a web camera. This review is intended for my fellow educators or those IT departments looking to upgrade their office conference rooms. Last year, I purchased the Logitech Brio 4K as the answer to my need for the highest quality video at the lowest comparable price point. The Brio seemed the gold standard for web cameras in 202x but after using the Angetube 4K camera for the last few days — I think that Brio is both overkill and overly expensive for those of us in education and office environments. Here’s why. Physically, the Angetube 4K comes ready for dual placement. The threaded base for tripods/arms is easily accessible as part of the monitor edge grip. The Brio forces you to choose between the grip or the threaded base. To access the threaded base, you need to pry off the Brio’s grip leaving you with a piece of plastic to keep track of. The A4K comes with a USB-A jack though also includes a USB-C adapter. This is a considerate inclusion for those with newer MacBooks. The one annoying detail (it actually made me groan) was that the USB cable was permanently affixed to the web camera. This is a very strange engineering choice for two reasons: 1) any accident to the cable or plug would make the entire device unworkable and 2) it unnecessarily limits the length between the camera and the computer. I really hope that Angetube’s engineers re-design the future models to accommodate swappable cables. The Brio allows for swappable USB-C cables, allowing a maximum distance of 18 meters between the camera and the computer. The base image of the camera without any software changes makes the camera worth its price. I was impressed by the wide angle itself and then the clarity of the image in its entirety. In repeated videos made around my house, the A4K video was of excellent quality. I had to really look for evidence of any blur/noise and found very little. The camera kept focus on my face even while I walking around my home classroom. That really impressed me given that no software for programming such a feature exists. On that note… The A4K does not come with external software. The software as such is built into the camera which you can interact with via the included remote control. The options are basic but effective: Zoom, brightness control, and sound muting. For a web camera intended for conference rooms — and online classes — these are all one really needs. The A4K’s ability to zoom up to 4x was impressive because of its maintaining of a crisp image. The brightness levels were also pretty intelligent. Even in the darkest room of my house, I didn’t need to use the maximum brightness setting. The software-via-remote control worked as advertised within the popular apps that I tested: Meets, QuickTime, Teams, and Zoom. There was one exception: OBS Studio. I mention this because I often make instructional videos for students and OBS is my preferred application. The A4K didn’t respond to any input from the remote control while active in OBS. I tried on both 2020 MacOS M1 Mac mini and 2020 MacBook Pro Intel. No go on either. In contrast, Logitech’s HUB is a powerful image manipulator for the Brio so if that’s important to you then keep it in mind. The sound quality was also pretty good. I spoke while walking around the home classroom, moving between about 2.5 meters from the camera to within an arm’s length of it. It was obvious from the resulting recording that I was moving at distances but the audio quality remained solid. Wrapping up my review, I want to return to the Logitech Brio. It’s a very good camera. But, like I said, it’s overkill for most people. Are you a streaming star or TikTok video maker? Then go for the Brio, which as of 31 March 2022 costs double that of the A4K will give you a lot of software control. So — for my fellow teachers and office folks back in those enclosed conference rooms — I strongly recommend the Angetube 4K camera. It absolutely works in all of the ways that are advertised. It’s a device that does its job without additional software. Plug it in, launch your preferred app, and that’s it. The price tag makes the A4K an even more obvious choice. $83 USD buys a camera that absolutely works and should be supported by modern computers for a very long time.
Reviewed on August 31, 2022
Bought a Angetube Streaming 1080P HD Webcam Built in Adjustable Ring Light at he beginning of COVID to work from home. Was very happy with the webcam. It provided crispy image and the built-in ring light helped with low light setting. One of the challenge at that time was there was no software to adjust the brightness or other settings. Fortunately, a logitech software worked with Angetube to adjust settings, until it stopped working (maybe due to driver incompatibility? ). I was really happy to see Angetube released their own software (only on MacOS). When looking for that software, i noticed the 4k streaming webcam 914F mode and decided to give it a try. The 4k webcam provides a much wider angle, so it's perfect for a conference room setting. With the remote controlled zoom function, you can also use it with a personal laptop. I did not notice marked improvement on video quality or lagging. So if you are using it just for yourself, the cheaper 1080p webcam is good enough. Over all, a great webcam, worked with all the video conferencing tools i have used, and easy to set up. Just plug and play. BTW, the support via chat is great, but they only respond in Chinese time zone work hours.
Reviewed on July 20, 2022
Camera angle is super wide and picture quality is very clear at 4K. Prior to purchase, I had asked the seller if it had stereo or mono microphones. Seller answered “stereo” and posted this in the product FAQ. I tested the device using Audacity software on my PC. The histogram for the left and right tracks are identical, so this proves that THE TWO (2) MICROPHONES HAVE A MONO input, and are indeed not stereo. it is not a deal killer though, as stereo input is a nice-to-have feature for me, and not a requirement. I will use this camera in my living room media center when joining friends and family on web video calls. A nice feature is the remote control to support digital picture zooming and brightness adjustments. It’s a little annoying that adjustments are only in one direction: in positive/increasing increments. If you go past your desired level, you’ll have to cycle through again.
Reviewed on September 18, 2022
Compré está cámara para utilizarla en mis reuniones de ZOOM. Tengo una MACBOOK PRO 2019, que funciona muy bien, y había observado que la cámara ya no tenía tanta definición como lo necesitaba. Al comprar está nueva webcam, me impresioné con su alta definición. Filtra el fondo de la imagen de una manera excepcional. La recomiendo al 100%.
Reviewed on July 30, 2022
I was thinking the camera had some issues since the box arrived non-sealed. Requested a replacement and it arrived in the same open box meaning the company does not seal its products for warranty issues. Please provide feedback if all are in the open box. I am sorry to say that the one I returned was working as well after finding a way to test the replacement one they sent to me. By the way, they do not say on the little manual that the camera works with zoom, seems to me it does.