4K HD Webcam with Microphone,13MP Streaming Camera Widescreen Video,Built in Mic for Calling and Recording, for Desktop or Laptop - 5X Digital Zoom

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  • 【4K 13MP Ultra HD Webcam】4K web camera delivers Crisp Image and Crystal Clear Video at 30 fps, high-definition image sensor, low light correction makes your video clearer and brighter than ordinary 4K webcam.Please kindly tear off the protective file before use.
  • 【Privacy Shutter & Tripod Stand】Privacy Shutter ensures your privacy behind the computer. Prevents web hackers from spying on you. NO additional driver or software required, just connect the web camera to a computer USB port and start play. Multi-angle tripod and universal clips fits laptops, desktops, and LCD monitors.
  • 【Webcam with Dual Microphone】PC webcam built-in Dual Noise Reduction Microphone, makes the sound purer and clearer, pick up your voice even at 12ft distance, perfect for online teaching, blogging, conferencing, Live streaming, video calling, social gaming.
  • 【USB Webcam Plug and Play】4K Webcam Works with USB 2.0, NO additional drivers required. Ready to use in less than 1 min with any compatible device. The convenient foldable design allows you to easily take it anywhere with 1.8M/6ft USB cable, works in USB Video Device Class(UVC) mode

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Max Screen Resolution4K
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on January 22, 2021
Perfect compact, has all the bells and whistles.
Reviewed on December 11, 2020
The 4K HD Webcam came in a white box with no manufacturer name nor location of origin. There is no brand name on the camera and none in the included instructions. Once connected to a computer through a USB port, the camera simply showed in Windows Settings as ‘USB Camera’. In the product description, the manufacturer is listed as Bochani, but there is no manufacturer product support nor warranty information shown. My interest in these things is that I wanted to reach out to the manufacturer's support team for help with the camera’s hue settings. The camera has a privacy cover that slides over the lens to shield against hackers when not using it. The lens cover is positioned by the use of a cover tab located on top of the camera. A red LED light on the front of the camera stays lit when it’s connected to a USB port and a small blue light, next to the lens, lights up when in use. The camera also comes with a small octopus-like tripod with 3½ inch legs and a lens cleaning cloth. I found that the picture quality was Okay, but not what I would call 4K. Facial features weren’t as sharply focused as you might see on a 1080P television. I had problems getting the color adjustments in Skype to show natural skin color. The entire scene was orange-tinted. None of the Skype video adjustments help in getting rid of the orange ting. The low light setting was greyed out in Skype settings. With an office light located over and behind my head, I need the low light setting to be engaged. Without it, my face appears dark and shadowed. The low lighting adjustment did work with Zoom giving me some facial highlighting. While it looked better, the orange ting was still pronounced no matter what I tried to do in Zoom settings to remove it. There is a setting in Skype that asks for the frequency of your A/C current. The camera’s default was 50hrz. Being in the US, I changed the setting to 60hrz to lesson flicker. When getting close to the camera, less than 18 inches, it kept autofocusing. The autofocus settled down once I moved further away from the lens. The camera’s microphone sounds muffled. It’s the effect you get from excessive background noise suppression. Unfortunately, turning off background noise suppression in Zoom did not make any difference in the microphone’s sound. While the mic may be OK for relating information in a Zoom meeting, it isn’t natural sounding. I ended up switching to a separate USB mic for a Zoom computer club meeting. While I realize that I’ve been nit-picking, I’m driven to do so due to the high expectations I had for a webcam in this price range. The 4K HD Webcam does deliver on basic communication for Skype and Zoom. Its online performance won’t embarrass you.
Reviewed on January 20, 2021
I can’t really complain about this webcam, the quality is good but there is some awkward flaws. I’ve been using this webcam for a couple of months now and I wish there was more customization. Don’t get me wrong, the picture is pretty good but the autofocus feature almost makes this camera unusable. It’s strange, the closer you get to the camera the higher quality it becomes, but for other webcams in this price range, you can definitely find better. I wouldn’t say this camera is 4K, it’s a decent image but it does produce a lot of noise and color correction is poor. Even when entering window settings for my webcam, with adjustment, the photo just doesn’t look right. Personally, I wish there was a dedicated program to this webcam, something that other webcams in this price range offer. And like all webcams, the microphone is essentially useless, it picks up background noise and doesn’t clearly convey sound. There’s also a privacy shutter but those aren’t really necessary, the likelihood of someone taking control of your webcam is unlikely (nice to have if you’re worried). Overall, this webcam is alright, but there is definitely better alternatives in this price range. The auto zoom option constantly refocuses while you’re in front of the camera and it can’t be turned off. I wish there was better support and customization options, but ultimately this webcam isn’t that bad.
Reviewed on December 30, 2020
I have some issues with the actual quality of this camera and the "4k" advertised. The quality is actually very poor, the microphone is terrible, and I was very disappointed in its performance. I've never looked worse in a video chat!!! It's easy to install and use and that's about it. I would not recommend it.
Reviewed on May 13, 2021
This webcam is terrible. Don't buy it. For one it claims its driverless and 4k. It does seem driverless, it does work on Linux Mint with no other applications needed to work, works with discord, OBS, etc but in all these applications there is no 4k. Its 640x480. Or around there probably. It does not even seem to be 1080 and the focus, while somewhat fast, is not good. If something is within a foot or two it will never focus on it. So as far as I can tell the specs on this are wrong unless Im missing something. It looks good but thats it, does not work good.
Reviewed on February 09, 2021
This is a good option for those who want a wide field of vision, as I found that it significantly improved what my laptop’s built-in camera offered in that regard. The frame rate also means that you’re going to get much better clarity over the standard laptop cam specs (though I would venture to guess the rise of Zoom during COVID-19 will have lasting effects that lead to Laptops and PCs with built-in cameras offering much better cam specs right out of the factory going forward). This is a fair price for the camera but do a lot of research because there are now literally hundreds of manufacturers of cams like this on Amazon all in this price range. Not a bad option.
Reviewed on January 27, 2021
Super poor low light performance.