2K Webcam with Microphone, FRIEET New Upgraded 2048 x 1080 FHD Computer Camera, Plug and Play,90° Wide Angle USB Camera for Computer PC Laptop Zoom Skype Meeting Video Calling Conferencing Games

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  • 【Upgraded 2K Full HD Webcam】FRIEET FHD webcam is made of the enhanced CMOS image sensor which includes 6-layer glass HD lens, providing 2K Full HD image (2048*1080P resolution). In addition, the automatic low-light correction make it available to capture the clear image even in a dim area. Due to its efficient and stable video transmission, it works perfectly for Zoom Skype meeting Facebook Live and so on.
  • 【Dual Noise Reduction Microphone】It is available to capture the clear audio in max 18 feet by reducing the annoying noises, which offers you a superior pure voice even in noisy environment. Perfect tool for your online meeting/conferencing/teaching/learning/Live streaming/video calling/social gaming etc.
  • 【Widely Compatibility】Use for most popular systems like Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 and XBOX, Apple OS, Google Chrome OS and Android system, Linux, even smart TV. Furthermore, it compatible with most softwares like Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitch, Xsplit, OBS, Mixer, MSN, Yahoo Message, WeChat and so on.
  • 【90° Wide-Angle】Up to 90° wide angle webcam with flexible clip, giving you an excellent vision while using. You can stably clamped it on the monitor or place it on the table, there are soft pads on the bracket to prevent the screen from being hurt by installation.
  • 【Plug and Play】Easy to set up, you can easily connect this FRIEET 2K webcam to PC / MacBook / Notebook and Smart Tv without any additional driver. Convenient and portable online tool for work, study, and live streaming. Come with 6ft/155cm USB cable, it is long enough for various position. Moreover, FRIEET provides professional technology support and friendly customer service.

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Attribute NameAttribute Value
Standing screen display size58 Inches
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on October 19, 2020
Currently I am a college student who uses both a PC desktop and laptop for school work. Being in the online zoom environment, your appearance is pretty much what everyone sees. I liked the laptop, but felt that the picture and microphone quality were not that great especially if going to do interviews in the future for professional schools. That's why I looked into purchasing a webcam. Upon reading reviews of other webcams, I found that this one had the best reviews and quality. Here are my takes on this product: 1) The quality is pure plastic. t's definitely solid and can take a hit or two for sure 2) The mounting is quite unusual. The folding mechanism to pinch onto a monitor is not quite how I expected it to be. Rather than grasping both sides of the monitor, the webcam kind of "rests" on the top of the monitor with the back side being able to swing and catch itself to hold on. Imagine opening and closing a door. What I found was that it took some balancing skills but I got it to stick on. It also has a screw mount on the bottom side which allows it be mounted to a tripod if desired. 3) The camera quality is pretty okay. I think it's a lot better than my laptop camera but it does require some sufficient lighting. In low light, the picture can be quite grainy and doesn't auto adjust the lighting for the white screens from the monitor. So you may be over exposed while the back is pretty solid but grainy. Therefore, try setting this camera up in a space with pretty evenly distributed light. 4) Something that was really overlooked in a lot of the other reviews that I have read is the microphone quality. In my classes I need to give presentations, so microphone quality was a big factor to consider in this webcam. When testing the audio comparing my laptop with the webcam, the webcam was slightly better but nothing drastic. I could talk at my normal voice and still could be heard pretty clearly. Overall, a solid 8/10. 5) The cord on this webcam can be considered relatively short. I think its about 3 feet. So from the top of my monitor behind my desk and to the USB port, it was almost stretched out to the max. Just make sure that you give yourself ample space to connect properly. 6) Lastly, (for the gamers) when streaming on OBS or Discord, the webcam can appear with a green bar on the bottom. I heard all it reuqires is some driver updates but when unplugging and replugging, the solution seemed to work itself out. All in all, this is a pretty solid webcam to use school, zoom, chatting with friends, and even streaming. The picture quality is really solid with proper light settings but the sound is slightly better than a laptop, but nothing drastic. The USB cord can be realtively short depending on your arrangement, so keep that in mind when assembling or consider a USB extension cablle. Overall I would recommend this product to students who want to upgrade their webcam for a fraction of the costs of an expensive webcam.
Reviewed on April 19, 2022
Pros - Good enough for a video call. - Wide FOV makes it quite forgiving to sitting up close. Cons - Auto-focus sometimes gets stuck leaving you extremely bright, dark, and/or blurred. - Picture quality in optimal conditions is noticeably worse than name-brand 720p webcams. - Not compatible with some software, such as Krisp on Mac OS. - Power-on LED is obnoxiously bright, even in a well-lit room. Other Thoughts I personally believe the camera sensor is comparable to 480p and that it is stretched to 2K dimensions for output. No matter what steps I took for focus distance, environment lighting, background/clothing contrast, etc, the picture was never sharp. And yes, I removed the protective film and carefully cleaned the sensor. Get this only if you need a webcam, don't want to use your cellphone, and need something that is as cost-friendly as possible. As for the bright LED, some black electrical tape does the trick nicely.
Reviewed on January 29, 2021
I used the product to teach online due to COVID-19 and it was quite cheap when I bought it. I wanted something with video and a microphone, so this fit the bill. The camera is an HD wide lens, so it might show more of your background than you might want to. You have to manually focus the lens yourself by moving the lens adjuster (the silvery metal part on the lens itself) so it helps if you have a friend or family member help you adjust it to the distance you need it for. I set mine up myself so it is doable if needs be. My students were happy to be able to see me in HD, but grumbled about the audio quality. The webcam was ~2-2.5 feet away from me, so not an unreasonable distance, so I figure that the microphone was of poor quality. To be fair, I never tested the audio quality myself, so I cannot be sure if it was the mic's fault or not. I ended up using my gaming headset for the microphone, which they enjoyed! Overall, it is a decent webcam, but the audio quality may not be as good. I would say buy it if you need a webcam w/ mic infrequently or if you do not plan on using one for a long time.
Reviewed on August 07, 2022
The picture quality wasn’t bad but i had issues with the microphone. Whenever I chatted with someone they had a really hard time hearing me.
Reviewed on June 28, 2021
Thanks to the wonderful world of lockdown and home learning I found myself forced to purchase a webcam for my courses over the past year. This is not something I wanted, I've never had any desire for a webcam, so I of course went searching for the cheapest, easiest to install option I could, and I found this. I only ever used it for a couple of classes, so once or twice a week every week for a couple semesters, and across that time it recorded exceptionally grainy, poor quality video. Now that was great for me, and why it's getting a higher rating than it likely should. I didn't want to show off my room or anything else if I didn't have to, and the camera did work, you could see my general shape, so it kept me from being failed on a stupid rule. But, I realize not everyone is looking for that, so if it's actual quality video you want, I would probably look elsewhere. On the other side though, the built in microphone is actually pretty solid, producing decent quality audio even as it's attached to the top of your monitor, so if it's a hands free mic you're looking for, this might be an option!
Reviewed on June 28, 2020
The media could not be loaded. It does what you need it to and nothing else. for the price it's O.K., picture quality is fine but not amazing, sound is good but a little quiet. construction feels a little flimsy but should be fine for desktop use. nothing is detachable or replaceable so I'd not get it if you need to be throwing it in a bag all the time. on the plus side on win 10 its completely plug and play. I got it for $39 and feel that it's a good value at that price but if you need better than is shown in the video/ more control or if it's much more you might reconsider. Works fine with zoom for me because I know Someone is wondering.