1080P Webcam with Microphone, EMEET C960 Web Camera, 2 Mics Streaming Webcam with Privacy Cover, 90°View Computer Camera, Plug&Play USB Webcam for Calls/Conference, Zoom/Skype/YouTube, Laptop/Desktop

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  • 【Full HD 1080P Webcam with Privacy Cover for Video Calls】EMEET computer webcam provides design and Optimization for professional video streaming. Realistic 1920 x 1080p video, 4-layer anti-glare lens, providing smooth video. The fixed focal length makes the object in the focal length range of 1.97-197 inches, so as to provide a clearer image. the C960 usb webcam has a privacy cover and can be removed automatically to meet your needs for privacy protection,It is a great choice for home office.
  • 【Built-in 2 Noise Reduction Mics】EMEET webcam with microphone for desktop is 2 built-in omnidirectional noise reduction microphones, picking up your voice and filtering out background noise to create an excellent radio effect.EMEET computer webcam enables you to enjoy crystal clear voice for hassle-free communication. (When installing the web camera, remember to select EMEET C960 usb webcam as the default device for the microphones)
  • 【Low Dependence on Light Condition】Automatic low-light correction technology is applied in EMEET HD webcam 1080p so that the streaming webcam could capture the image in dim light. EMEETC960 camera for computer also has low-light boost, color boost and adjust exposure so you look your best, even in dim and harsh lighting. Imagine you are working in front of a sunny window. Is it convenient for no need to draw the curtains first when a video call comes in to get a normal exposure picture?
  • 【Plug-and-play & 90 Degrees Wide View】No driver required. EMEET C960 pc webcam can be used without drivers to realize plug and play for saving your trouble. The convenient foldable design of web camera allows you to take it anywhere, and the 70.87inch/ 1.8m USB cord is long enough for any task. The 90° wide-angle lens of USB camera can accommodate more participants. In video calls, there is no need to frequently adjust the direction of the web cam to show people in different positions.
  • 【High Compatibility & Multi Application】 C960 webcam for laptop is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac 10.4 or later, Android Smart TV. The compatibility of the streaming camera is super wide for major software like Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, Skype, YouTube and more. Whether this web camera is used for online studying/ teaching, home office, conference, meeting or video calling, the web camera is perfectly suitable for you as a tripod-ready universal clip.

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Attribute NameAttribute Value
Product Dimensions4.88 x 2.65 x 2.04 inches
Item Weight4.7 ounces
Item model numberC960
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableApril 11, 2019
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on September 20, 2022
With my eMeet webcam, I look really far away, entered in a very wide-angle shot (no, people don't need to see that much of my house or whatever background I choose!). Even if I move the camera 8 inches away from my face, I still don't take up much of the screen. No one else I communicate with looks this far away when we're talking. I don't get it -- especially since I see screenshots in the reviews from people who fill their screens like you'd expect to with a webcam, and because my husband has the same camera, bought a year earlier, and he looks normally sized on screen. Another reviewer said the camera fine if you want a wide view of a conference room or want to show several people at a table. But for one person, I just look goofy. The camera is plug-and-play and easy to use, but since you can't adjust how tiny you look on screen, it's just a no-go for me. I'm going to buy something different.
Reviewed on August 29, 2022
I love this webcam. I wanted a new webcam for my PC to be able to video chat with my friends without having to turn on my laptop. I'm super happy I found this one. When reading the reviews before purchasing, people complained about how the lighting changes depending on room lighting, however, I find this to be positive. The camera lighting adjusts really well to the room lighting and you really don't need to have a light on to be able to see things in the camera during the night. I can't comment on the mic or mic quality as I have a headset and don't use the webcam microphone. The stand for this webcam was a bit confusing to use at first and I wasn't sure it would be able to stay balanced on top of my monitor but once I got the hang of it, I think it works quite well. I'm happy to say that you can adjust the angle of the camera quite easily without having to take it off your monitor or worrying about it falling. I like that the camera cover requires you to actually touch it the entire time you're opening or closing it because I know the cover won't fall down over the camera accidentally if I don't push it up the whole way. The hinge is stiff but in a positive way. Will buy a second one for my partner once he decides to upgrade his webcam!
Reviewed on September 01, 2022
Overall, this camera would be better suited to monitor a room, not as a WebCam. I spend most of my days in teleconferences. When speaking with people. I wanted a camera I can put on the tripod and place it in FRONT of the screen so they feel I am speaking to them, not looking in a strange direction. I have tried a few cameras, including that built into my Mac, but I always got a bad view angle. This camera allows me to place it on a small tripod and in front of the screen so I look at the people I am speaking to and straight into the camera lens. However, the camera, being 1.5 feet in front of my face, shows the whole room which for working from home makes little sense. In addition, the camera, compared to others, shows the skin tones which less than flattering.
Reviewed on August 31, 2022
This camera sat wonderfully atop my vintage Apple Display thanks to a well-designed mount. It worked perfectly with Teams and Zoom. The privacy door comes with it but you must attach it yourself; it worked flawlessly. This is a real bargain, but I had to return mine, because I was so small in the image that it would not have been professional. (For reference, in order to fill the frame, my face needed to be 9" away.) As the lens is fixed focal length, it becomes the responsibility of software to choose a portion of the image to stream to others in the conversation, yet conferencing software lacks this feature (as of Aug 2022). So I reluctantly returned my eMeet C960 for a more expensive camera with built-in zoom. eMeet has a good product, and I hope others are able to take advantage of its great price and excellent features.
Reviewed on August 04, 2022
OK - you should know this before you buy it. This is a VERY WIDE-ANGLE LENS. Meaning - if you want your head to be proportionally located in the center of the screen, the camera will need to be mounted within a foot of your face. This is a problem for me since I have no such mount and mine is currently mounted to my large ASUS screen. So, basically, if you're using this for Zoom - you'll look like this picture. I'm sitting comfortably where I would normally sit - any closer and my eyes would hurt. This camera puts me wayyy back and I'm used to having my face be more squarely in the frame. SO - if you like this wide-angle lens, this webcam is for you. If you enjoy your ENTIRE room behind you in the frame, this is for you. If you like fisheye lenses, this is it. The lens quality is decent.. but you need proper lighting IN FRONT of you in order to get the best picture. Don't put light behind you - you will always appear too dark. I'm still debating on this webcam.. I might get used to it.. I'm not sure. :)
Reviewed on September 02, 2022
It was great out of the box but all of a sudden today the mic stopped working. Troubleshooting the device in Win10 turned up no issues other than the test said I could not be heard. Less than 2 months is unacceptable. I would appreciate having a replacement since the return window has recently passed. UPDATE: Seller responded to my message and suggesting uninstall then reinstall. This process worked. Hoping this is not a recurring problem that will require periodic intervention. I will continue to update if there are any more issues.
Reviewed on September 08, 2022
Am using for required long distance doctor visits ... works with any available USB ..... super easy setup for whatever type computer you're using . ... (my monitor did not come with a camera/microphone) The unit sits on the top edge of the monitor screen and provides for vertical picture screen adjustmennt ...... takes 1 minute to set up
Reviewed on August 25, 2022
This is a great quality web cam for the price. Easy to set up and the picture quality is great. My only dislike is that it has a very wide view. I use it for work and it shows most of my room whereas previously on my laptop camera it showed only my head/shoulders and the wall behind me. I will probably keep looking for a more narrow view camera